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Videos: Jury, Paving, and GEFA in Work Session @ LCC 2019-09-23

The Lowndes County Commission spent nine minutes yesterday morning discussing spending $124,454 and borrowing $1,734,000. They vote this evening at 5:30 PM.

The county has now gotten up to not just demanding landowners give road right of way to the county, but also condemning property if they don’t get it donated.

The longest item at less than two minutes was 6.d. Request for Professional Engineering Services Proposals – CDBG. As Gretchen remarks in the notes, apparently this is in support of Arglas, the Japanese glass products manufacturer locating on Rocky Ford Road.

Second longest was 7.b. Bid for a Breathing Air System for the Fire Department, due to a question by a Commissioner.

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Jury, Paving, and GEFA in LCC Packet @ LCC 2019-09-23

Lowndes County staff are proposing to spend $124,454, according to all the “BUDGET IMPACT”s board packet: $48,500 for a Jury Management System, $1,469.00 for Condemning ROW for Howell Lane Paving Project, $3,500.00 (approx.) for Second Modification of GEFA Loan Agreement, and for the Fire Department $29,195.00 for a 1/2 Ton Truck and $41,790.00 for a Breathing Air System.

[Survey plat: Revised County RoW for Howell Lane]
Survey plat: Revised County RoW for Howell Lane

They propose to borrow $1,734,000 from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA).

The Lowndes County Commission discusses Monday morning at 8:30 AM. They vote 5:30 PM Tuesday.

[Project Budget]
GEFA Loan Agreement Project Budget

For the first time ever! Lowndes County has returned the board packet before the Work Session.

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Two sewer projects, personal care home, street name change @ VCC 2019-06-06

This agenda brought to you by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE), because mighty Valdosta’s new website forgot all its agendas and minutes since last October. No doubt they will get that fixed soon.

Still from LAKE video of CUP-2019-03 at the preceding Planning Commission meeting.

Here’s the agenda. See also the LAKE videos of the preceding Planning Commission meeting about the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to establish a Family Personal Care Home facility in a Residential-Professional (R-P) Zoning District as requested by Chad Bailey (File No. CU-2019-23 at 4019 Forrest Run Circle.

5:30 PM Thursday, June 6, 2019

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Videos: CDBG, Seago retracted, road crossing closures, CDBG, GEMA, and public safety radios @ LCC 2017-01-24

It’s great they’re talking early about the CDBG grant for Habitat for Humanity and maybe some others, but they can’t get any state or local grants until the county finishes feuding with all the cities in the county about tax distribution. They spent second most time on the Kinderlou Road CSX RR crossing closure. Seago rezoning was withdrawn by the applicant. For Emergency Manager Ashley Tye’s report on tornado damage, see the videos of the previous morning’s Work Session. See also the agenda.

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Videos: Seago back again, road crossing closures, CDBG, GEMA, and public safety radios @ LCC 2017-01-23

Lowndes County had no fatailities or major injuries from the recent storm, but our neighbors to the west and north were not so lucky, reported Emergency Management Director Ashley Tye. They vote tonight at 5:30 PM on is no longer on the agenda, but not on the Seago rezoning, because the applicant withdrew it. They can talk about CDBG funding, because of “all the circumstances”, namely that the county is feuding with all the cities in the county about tax distribution, and can’t apply for any state or federal grants until that is resolved. They adjourned to executive session to discuss litigation: does that mean they’re going to sue the cities about tax distribution all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court again?

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Seago back again, road crossing closures, CDBG, GEMA, and public safety radios @ LCC 2017-01-23

This morning at 8:30 AM we’ll probably hear a storm report from Emergency Management Director Ashley Tye. And back on the agenda for the third time, REZ-2016-21 Seago, 4678 US Hwy 41 S, still trying to buy a bit of adjoining land to get up to the minimum acreage: see the LAKE videos of the previous regular session, which link to all the previous stuff.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor

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Videos: Dr. Grow, Devine, VLPRA @ LCC 2015-02-23

Dr. William R. Grow, District Health Director, presented about the state of the Health Department, and County Manager Joe Pritchard reported revisions to both the county’s Solid Waste Ordinance and the franchise agreement for solid waste were in progress. They ended by going into an executive session to discuss real estate.

For Parks and Rec Board, former Lowndes County Commissioner Richard Raines read a prepared statement, while Scott Willis, hearing specialist with Hearing Care Resources, gave an extemporaneous presentation, including that he was formerly on the VLPRA Advisory Board, and he’s been coaching children and working with the elderly. Commissioners had no questions for either applicant.

Tonight they’ll vote on a list of goals that is in their packet but they haven’t shown you the taxpayers.

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Pipeline, road repair, Bailey, water, and Commercial Tax Schedules @ LCC 2014-10-28

They finally made a decision onG the Bailey rezoning: the one the applicant liked least. They accepted the Creekwood Subdivision detention ponds; and the Glen Laurel infrastructure; will all that be maintained any better than the one at Hamilton Circle? Dr. Michael Noll spoke for WACE against the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline.

Agenda item 6.i. is changed in the county’s online agenda from Rural to Commercial without the agenda being marked as amended.

See agenda, the LAKE videos of the previous morning’s Work Session, and the board packet obtained via open records request by LAKE and scanned and posted on the LAKE website. Here are videos of events as they transpired, followed by a video playlist.

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Board Packet @ LCC 2014-10-27

Surprisingly, when asked for this packet Monday morning, the County Clerk agreed to provide it later that same day, and did. However, she delivered it on paper. Processing time for that interleaved with other tasks took LAKE until now. Here is the board packet for the 27 October 2014 Regular Session of the Lowndes County Commission. It answers many questions that the public board meeting left hanging, such as what land does the county plant to acquire for that booster pump. If the county would put these board packets on their own website before their meetings, the citizens who pay their salaries would be able to see what they were talking about.


Videos: Emergency road repair, grandfathered business, water, and Rural Land Agricultural Improvement Schedules @ LCC 2014-10-27

More detail and issues with Bailey REZ-2014-16 after much discussion last time. Almost ten minutes on 6a. Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention. Numerous things incomplete or just FYI such as drug seizures in the financial report, none of which the citizens could see. This was in the Work Session Monday morning. They vote Tuesday 5:30 PM in the Regular Session.

They actually named the multiple bids for a water item, unlike the single-source price-not-quoted pump replacement last time. And they’re buying some property (at some place unnamed) for a booster pump.

The Rural Land Agricultural Improvement Schedules was actually for Commercial land. We learned why Shiloh Road needs emergency repairs. Nothing about that on the new county Lowndes411 twitter account, and the county still doesn’t publish its own board packets.

I can understand why the Commission needs to approve a juvenile justice grant, a GEFA loan application, to accept quit claim deeds for a subdivision’s detention ponds, and to accept infrastructure for a subdivision, not to mention a CDBG agreement. But to replace batteries in a UPS?

See the agenda. Here are links to the videos of the items as they transpired this morning. Continue reading