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Videos of Lowndes County “Your Top 50 Answered” Lunch and Learn

The latest Lowndes County Lunch and Learn was yesterday, with County Clerk Paige Dukes answering the top 50 questions the county receives. Code Red! Road paving! Tax Assessment! CHIP grants! Some of these things affect all of you, and many of them could help you specifically. Gretchen was there and videoed most of it, as well as asking some followup questions.

Among other surprising answers was that the new Commission districts as shown on the maps on the county website have still not been approved by the Department of Justice. All of the Commissioners and several of the staff travelled to Atlanta a few weeks ago to tweak the lines. Paige assured us that tweaking would be completed in time for next year’s Commission elections.

Paige noted Carmella Braswell is the go-to person for many questions about what to do if you want to sink a will or put up a building. She addressed the CHIP grant in question 3, in the second video below, noting Carolyn Selby’s comments at a previous Commission meeting: Continue reading