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Is Walmart Now a god beside God; and answers to no one? —George Rhynes

Received 15 October. -jsq
October 14, 2011
George Boston Rhynes (229-251-8645)
Valdosta, Georgia 3605-1144

TO: All concerned citizens, Walmart Workers, internet and beyond!

Our Walmart in Bentonville, AK and how we were ignored by America’s Largest Retail Giant (President Mike duke, Board Chairmen David Glass and about thirteen other board members.

Here’s the video:

Is Walmart Now a god beside God; and answers to no one? —George Rhynes
For Respect,
Bentonville, Arkansas, Our Wal-Mart,
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 12 October 2011.
Videos by George Boston Rhynes for K.V.C.I., Keeping Valdosta Citizen Informed.

However, this is nothing new for George Boston Rhynes; since I have been ignored for over 3 1/2 years. After

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Why is Georgia an “At Will To Work State?” —George Rhynes

Received Sunday. -jsq
TO: Georgia General Assembly Members (Respectively)

All Georgia Elected Officials, Internet, blog and Beyond.

Wal-Mart workers marching in Bentonville, Arkansas, 12 October 2011
Video by George Boston Rhynes for K.V.C.I.

Why is the State of Georgia still an “At Will To Work State?” Wherein, a Georgia worker can be terminated from their job for “good cause, bad cause or for no cause at all. And Georgia Employers are not required to provide workers with a reason for being terminated.

As a Retired United States Armed Forces Military Veteran; I was a victim of a wrongful termination. Yet, after 3 1/2 years, 30 letters, 30 You Tube Videos, 34 pages of documented proof to the President/Board of Directors with documented proof from a former employee to the company president but no response from the company.

What is the Georgia General Assembly or any other

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