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Pretty much everyone I know (regardless of political party, religion, or financial status) likes clean air, clean water, and clean food, and being able to use their own property without having fossil fuel corporations gouge a pipeline through it. Most people don’t like their property flooded or polluted or having their tax dollars going to clean up floods or explosions or superfund sites caused by corporate greed, and most people are willing to have reasonable rules for development to prevent those problems. That is sustainability.

For those (most people) who have never heard of the “Agenda 21” talking points, they are attacks on sustainability alleging anybody who favors sustainability is against marriage and private property and wants to make everyone move into tenements stacked on top of each other. Oh, and supposedly the U.N. is the villain. Using something called the “Delphi technique” to subvert people’s minds. Woooo!

The “Agenda 21” paranoia is caused by the fossil fuel industry. The anti-sustainability “Agenda 21” talking points are propaganda to make it easier for the fossil fuel industry to continue to profit by dirtying everyone’s air and water while spewing enough greenhouse gases (especially CO2 and methane) to raise the planet’s temperature and cause climate change.

There is a real U.N. Agenda 21, which is a toothless United Nations white paper that in more than 20 years has accomplished almost nothing for real sustainability.

Listed below is a series of articles that explains all this in more detail. If you can’t rebut what I wrote in these articles, and the numerous sources cited in them, don’t come here parrotting the “Agenda 21” talking points. Hint: asserting there really is a U.N. Agenda 21 is not a rebuttal. The real Agenda 21 bears no resemblance to the “Agenda 21” talking points. Repeating those astroturf talking points is working against your own self-interest. Free your mind.

Instead of parrotting propaganda for pollution and profits by the fossil fuel companies, you can help stop climate change: divest from fossil fuel companies. Students are leading on that, and having quite a bit of success.

You can oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is an attempt by fossil fuel companies and many other highly profitable trans-national corporations to put themselves above national law so they can continue gutting the world’s environment. Here’s a petition against TPP by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Here’s another petition by Sierra Club.

And you can help educate anyone who parrots the astroturf “Agenda 21” talking points: do they like to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat clean food? They they’re for sustainability, and it’s in their own self-interest to stop repeating fossil fuel company propaganda and to start helping to promoting real solutions for sustainability.

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