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Videos: Office rezoning, Georgia Power, Alcohol, and road abandomnent @ LCC 2017-11-14

They added and agenda item for 7.p. Solicitor-General’s VOCA Grant Renewal; yes, really, the agenda was so long that’s sub-item letter P and the meeting was 51 and a half minutes long.

Longest at seven minutes was 6a. REZ-2017-11 Arrow Engineering, in which the County Commissioners ignored the Planning Commission’s recommendation to deny, and the County Planner’s observation the previous morning that the applicants would accept one acre. Instead they approved 2.5 acres with no conditions as Office Institutional (OI) in an area with no other instances of that.

At six minutes, 7.n. Georgia Power- VisionFirst was about putting $25,000 to hire an unnamed consultant for a joint project for unspecified results.

Update 2017-11-22: According to Chairman Bill Slaughter, the consultant is VisionFirst Advisors out of Tallahassee.

Did they mean the sinkhole-infested Mission Creek instead of 7.k. Grant of Easement for Utility Right of Way Moody-Mission Point?

Five minutes included questions from the Chairman and resulted in a split vote and a stern warning on 7.i. Beer, Wine & Liquor License – Liquor Barn, 3990 N. Valdosta Rd.

One of the two road abandonments, 7.a. Abandonment of Lane Road and a Portion of Sheavette Road, got a very rare split vote, with Commissioner Clay Griner voting alone against.

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Videos: Board of Health and an office in the woods @ LCC 2017-11-13

Quite a long Work Session yesterday morning, more than half an hour. Surprisingly, the longest was Liquor Barn’s Wine & Liquor License; apparently their state and county licenses don’t match. They vote tonight at 5:30 PM, in their Regular Session.

Below are links to each LAKE video, followed by a LAKE video playlist. See also the agenda in the previous post, especially about 6a.REZ-2017-11 Arrow Engineering, R-A and E-A to O-I, ~2.5 acres, which is now apparently really for 1 acre. Continue reading

Board of Health and an office in the woods @ LCC 2017-11-13

Stafford Wright Road is getting its 12″ water main, connecting all the way from Spring Creek subdivision off of Studstill Road to Val Del Road. That’s Nelson Hill on the center left and Foxborough lower left: subdivisions like that are what to expect on Stafford Wright Road soon.

Spring Creek Blvd. E. to Val Del Rd., VALORGIS
Map: VALORGIS. Green is Lowndes County sewer line; blue is water mains.

This appears to be another no-bid contract, this time for Continue reading

Videos: Turnberry, Branham, Peterson Road Lift Station, and Commissioner Comments @ LCC 2016-12-13

24 minutes on REZ-2016-19 Turnberry at Thompson E-A to R-21 which changed to R-1 at the last minute, 14 minutes on Bill Branham’s REZ-2016-23 Copeland Road development, 4 on REZ-2016-24 Martin< 3 on REZ-2016-25 Cain’s Creekside RV Park, and 3 on the Peterson Road Lift Station Rehab, plus almost 5 minutes of Chairman and Commission Comments! Real discussion and revealing their opinions in public? What’s gotten into them? Did they see in advance the VDT’s Sunlight on the horizon?

Yet the Chairman said nobody could ask the audience to stand up on REZ-2016-19 Turnberry at Thompson and while they were waiting for the room to clear before the next item could start, Continue reading

$9.40 for a mound of paper @ LCC 2015-08-10

Gretchen made an Open Records request Monday morning and it was available Tuesday 4:37 PM: mostly on paper and less than an hour before the Commission voted.

The rezoning material from the Planning office was sent by electronic mail. The rest cost $9.40 to retrieve on paper. Nevermind in the email earlier Tuesday of the old ordinance from 1992 the county staff demonstrated they can put a paper document on their copier and produce a PDF. They could have done that with the rest of the board packet. Why didn’t they?

The Work Session was Monday morning at 8:30 AM 10 Aug 2015. Gretchen was notified by telephone about 4:30 PM Tuesday 11 Aug 2015. The County Palace closes at 5PM. The Commission met at 5:30 PM Tuesday to vote. So none Continue reading

Videos: Doublewide, Commercial, Professional, Residential, Landscape, Stormwater, Suburban, Agriculture, Schools, and Moody @ GLPC 2015-05-26

The Planning Commission said at its 26 May 2015 meeting that it needed at least a month more to review Lowndes County’s proposed changes to the Moody Activity Zoning (MAZ) Districts, which is why the County Commission is pushing back the schedule on that.

Another big item is REZ-2015-11 The Orchard at Stone Creek, yet another subdivision on Old US 41 N, this one due west of Nelson Hill on Val Del.

Here’s the agenda. Below are links to each of the LAKE videos of the agenda items, followed by a video playlist. Continue reading

Doublewide, Commercial, Professional, Residential, Landscape, Stormwater, Suburban, Agriculture, Schools, and Moody @ GLPC 2015-05-26

300x216 4872 Tillman Crossing Road, in Orchard at Stone Creek, by John S. Quarterman, 26 May 2015 The busiest Planning Commission agenda I can recall, is scheduled at exactly the same time as the Lowndes County Commission Regular Session because of the Memorial Day holiday. The biggest item is REZ-2015-11 The Orchard at Stone Creek, yet another subdivision on Old US 41 N, this one due west of Nelson Hill on Val Del.

600x374 Due west of Nelson Hill, in Orchard at Stone Creek, by John S. Quarterman, 26 May 2015

Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
Lowndes County City of Valdosta City of Dasher City of Hahira City of Lake Park

Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue
Tuesday, May 26, 2015 * 5:30 P.M. * Public Hearing

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SRO against Pine Tree subdivision @ GLPC 2014-08-25

Stuck in the foyer six deep because SRO in the Planning Commission tonight, mostly for the Turner Brooks item, back with another plan after being withdrawn last month. Tom Call, representing some of the owners of the property sellers, said they’d tried to meet with the neighbors, who refused. He didn’t say whether they tried meeting with them one-on-one. GLPC could have put a bunch of conditions on it that would have mostly satisfied the neighbors’ concerns, leaving the developers and sellers to decide whether it was worth it. Instead, they tabled. The Valdosta City Council can still decide if they want to. However, one of the houses they’d have to demolish is potentially on the National Historic Register, and if so, they can’t tear it down.

600x170 Panorama, in Standing Room Only, by Gretchen Quarterman, 25 August 2014

Also, they only submitted one name for the County Commission to consider for appointment to GLPC; attorney Brad Folsom. They didn’t include several potential women applicants, several of them attorneys, and yes, also Gretchen. As an old white man, even I find it impressive how much this area is run by old white men.

The agenda arrived only as images Gretchen took at the meeting. Videos to come. Continue reading

Videos: Construction appointed, Family Dollar bermed @ LCC 2014-08-12

They appointed the Chairman’s personal pick to the Construction Board of Appeals. The Nelson Hill unknown tinkerings to the code were finally withdrawn. In the unedited video you can see the few speakers the Chairman allowed to speak about the Roger Budd and Leninco Francis Lake rezoning for Family Dollar, and that there was actually some rationale for why the approved the rezoning.

Thanks to Toma Hawk for this video of both the Work Session and the Regular Session.

Here’s the agenda with a few notes.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor
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Construction Board, Nelson Hill, and Creekwood @ LCC 2014-08-11

Water, water, construction, subdivisions, and alcohol: Nelson Hill and Roger Budd are back, like at the 28 July 2014 Planning Commission. The first board appointment from the list of ones to fill this year is for the Valdosta-Lowndes County Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals. The Lowndes County Commission already met yesterday morning for the Work Session, and they meet tonight at 5:30 PM to vote in the Regular Session.

Here’s the agenda. Continue reading