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Videos: REZ-2022-09 Flannigan, James Road, Walkers Crossing Roundabout, $516,710 communications @ LCC Work 2022-08-08

Update 2022-08-22: Rezoning, Roundabout, Abandonment, Subdivision @ LCC 2022-08-08.

Some hard-to-see plans were projected for the Flannigan James Road and Smith Street rezoning, but they are merely speculative and would not bind the developer, while they would bind the Commission to the C-G zoning, so you can hear and see in these LAKE videos of yesterday morning’s Lowndes County Commission Work Session. They vote this evening at 5:30 PM in the Regular Session.

[REZ-2022-09 Flannigan plans]
REZ-2022-09 Flannigan plans

There was little new about the other agenda items. Except Continue reading

REZ-2022-09 Flannigan, James Road, Walkers Crossing Roundabout, Boring Pond Lane, West Schoolhouse Pond Subdivision @ LCC 2022-08-08

Update 2022-08-09: Videos: REZ-2022-09 Flannigan, James Road, Walkers Crossing Roundabout, $516,710 communications @ LCC Work 2022-08-08.

This morning at the Work Session, for voting tomorrow evening at the Regular Session, the Flannigan James Road rezoning is back on the Lowndes County Commission Agenda, after being tabled May 16, 2022. Looks like county staff have worked around to supporting it this time; don’t know what the neighbors who petitioned against it think.

[Flannigan James Road rezoning back again]
Flannigan James Road rezoning back again

There’s also a GDOT maintenance agreement for the Walkers Crossing Roundabout, the second reading of the Abandonment of a Portion of Boring Pond Lane, and adopting water and sewer infrastructure for West Schoolhouse Road Subdivision, which “is located in the Lake Park area off of Schoolhouse Pond Road, Payton Place, Burnt Pine Drive, and Timber Wind Circle and has a total of 31 lots.”

The county as usual pretends none of the above will cost anything. The two big budget items are for communications: Continue reading

Videos: Bonds, Val Del Road, GLPC appointments, 1/2 million to Motorola @ LCC 2019-09-10

The longest item at 2:23 was the Val Del Road rezoning case, for which one Commissioner recused himself. The others passed it unanimously.

Second longest was the GLPC appointments. No surprise, Ed Hightower was reappointed, and the second appointment was….

Third longest was the Chairman’s unscheduled recognition of Leadership Lowndes and advertisement for a 9/11 ceremony. If he’s going to do this every time, maybe it could be put on the agenda.

Below are links to each LAKE video of each agenda item, with Continue reading

Videos: Surprise Bonds, Val Del rezoning, GLPC appointments, 1/2 million to Motorola @ LCC 2019-09-09

Apparently more was shown on the screen yesterday morning that we finally received this morning in the board packet, such as this picture of the Nelson Hill subdivision on Val Del Road.

They also added 7.b. Refunding Revenue Bonds by South Region Joint Development Authority for VSU ASRE, which makes no sense until you can see details in the board packet.

After the agenda items, the Chairman made unscheduled announcements of a Continue reading

Packet: Surprise Bonds, Val Del Road rezoning, GLPC appointments, 1/2 million to Motorola @ LCC 2019-09-10

After four days, but before the Commission votes at 5:30 PM in its Regular Session this evening, the county sent the packet, at 10:50 AM this morning. Three is more than the statutory 3 days in the Georgia Open Records Act (GORA). The packet is on the LAKE website.

Now we can see who are the applicants to the Planning Commission.

[Survey Plat]
Survey Plat

Now we can see where is the Val Del rezoning: from the trailer park south to the power line. There’s also this interesting flood map: Continue reading

Val Del Road rezoning, GLPC appointments, and half a million to Motorola @ LCC 2019-09-09

Two new GLPC members, half a million dollars to Motorola for some unexplained acronym, and the Val Del Road rezoning, which breezed through the preceding Planning Commission meeting with no opposition, is on the agenda for the Work Session Monday morning and the voting session Tuesday evening of the Lowndes County Commission.

[Notice of Public Hearing]
Notice of Public Hearing

The Greater Lowndes Planning Commission will have two new members soon: Continue reading