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Packet: Lowndes County rezoning @ GLPC 2022-01-30

Update 2023-02-13: Videos: Hahira Bojangles with gas station rezoning @ GLPC 2023-01-30.

My mistake: it turns out Lowndes County did send the board packet materials for item 6. REZ-2023-02 Thomas Property, Madison Highway, 0136-029C, ~10 acres, on the agenda for tonight’s Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC).

[Packet materials for REZ-2023-02 Thomas Property]
Packet materials for REZ-2023-02 Thomas Property

The appointed GLPC recommends, with final decisions made at the corresponding City or County elected bodies.

See also the agenda and the rest of the board packet. Continue reading

Rezonings: 2 Hahira, 1 Valdosta, 1 Lowndes County @ GLPC 2023-01-30

Update 2023-01-30: Packet: Lowndes County rezoning @ GLPC 2022-01-30

The two Hahira items are for the same property, and there is one each for Valdosta and Lowndes County, to be considered Monday evening at the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC). The appointed GLPC recommends, with final decisions made at the corresponding City or County elected bodies.

[Cases @ GLPC 2023-01-30]
Cases @ GLPC 2023-01-30

The Bojangles 8-pump gas station and convenience store in Hahira could be contentious. Its applicant wants both a Special Exception and a Variance. Continue reading

Videos: Subdivisions, Wells Road abandonment, Water Main, Library @ LCC 2021-10-11

Update 2021-10-12 Videos: Subdivision way out of bounds approved, and million-dollar water main, but Wells Road stays open.

A road abandonment apparently had not taken into account people who live farther north up Wells Road, this morning’s Lowndes County Commission Work Session. Nor that closing that road would close one of only two public access points to the Little River in Lowndes County. Nor that the Mary Turner Lynching monument is on that road.

[Beaver Run, GW Farms, Villages subdivisions, Wells Road abandonment]
Beaver Run, GW Farms, Villages subdivisions, Wells Road abandonment

Of the $5 million for utilities, $1 million is for a water main to promote more subdivisions northwest in the county. To their credit, two Commissioners asked about that.

They breezed through seven rezonings, three of them for subdivisions, one so far out of place their own staff recommend against it, with no comments nor questions.

There was a question about some improvements to the historic Carnegie Library Museum.

They vote tomorrow, Tuesday, evening at 5:30 PM.

Below are links to each LAKE video of each agenda item with some notes, followed by a LAKE video playlist. See also the agenda and board packet.

Opioid addiction lawsuit, 2 water trail resolutions, 1 of 2 rezonings withdrawn @ VCC 2018-04-05

The Valdosta City Council plans to sue big pharma over opioid addiction. The Thursday agenda also includes two rezonings (one withdrawn), and two water trail resolutions: one for the Alapaha River and one for the Withlacoochee and Little Rivers. For the rezonings, see the LAKE videos of the preceding Planning Commission meeting.


5:30 PM Thursday, April 5, 2018

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Videos: Resolutions and Railroad crossing @ Hahira 2018-01-30

The Hahira City Council passed two resolutions at its February 1, 2018 Regular Session, one supporting GA HR 158 to stop state fee diversions, and another supporting the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail. Two days before I spoke about both and there was discussion at the Hahira Work Session of January 30, 2018.

Another item from that Work Session has unfortunately become big news: possibly closing the Lawson Street railroad crossing, where a man was killed February 5 when a Norfolk Southern train struck a dump truck, according to WTXL. WALB says, “The Georgia State Patrol identified the driver as Dexter Brown, 48, of Barnwell, S.C.”. Mayor Bruce Cain gave a statement to Hahira Today, which also included some discussion of that agenda item: Continue reading

Resolutions against GA state fee diversions and for water trail @ Hahira 2018-01-30

Tonight, a resolution for Georgia HR 158 against state fee diversions, and another resolution supporting the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail, at the Hahira City Council Work Session (and Thursday on the Regular Session agenda). Also, Terry Benjamin will get sworn in again as Councilman, District 1, the food truck zoning ordinance is back, there’s a RR crossing closure request, and a Recommendation to Raise Hahira Depot Rental Fee from $400 to $500, among other items on the agenda.

Hahira City Council
January 30, 2018
Work Session Agenda
6:00 pm- Hahira Courthouse

  1. Call to order Continue reading

Sabal Trail protests continue –VDT 2016-09-23

Front page today in the newspaper of record in the largest city in the Suwannee River Basin: the WWALS protest against DAPL and Sabal Trail at the US 84 Withlacoochee River bridge last Saturday, between Quitman and Valdosta, GA.

Vdt Desiree Carver, Valdosta Daily Times, Friday, September 23, 2016, front page, Sabal protests continue,

The WWALS Watershed Coalition stood on the bridge between Brooks and Lowndes County Saturday to show solidarity with Dakota Access Pipeline opponents in Dakota and to continue its battle against the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline.

That’s the US 84 bridge over the Withlacoochee River, on the Continue reading

Videos: Rivers and Pipeline, Rehab homes, LAMP Lease, Rezonings, Alcohol, public defender, paving Stafford Wright Road @ LCC 2016-02-09

Gretchen thanked them for putting most of the response to her open records request on CDs, shortly after they had said at their recent planning session that they wanted to promote interaction with the community. Still nothing from the county attorney about the Sabal Trail documents, and it’s been well over three days. I invited them on behalf of WWALS to a workshop and a movie; there’s more below. See also the contested rezoning 5.d. REZ-2016-05 Union Rd Subdivision, E-A to R-A, ~114 acres for more water issues.

Three citizens spoke explicitly about the pipeline, Jim Parker, Michael Noll, and Dr. Mario Bartoletti, as also noted in Jason Stewart, VDT, 11 February 2016, Sabal protests continue. As I noted in another post,

I go to a lot of county commission meetings in Georgia and Florida. Nowhere but Lowndes County do I see Continue reading