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Packet: Hahira 26 acre development; Valdosta financial institution, animal boarding, and commercial speculation; Lowndes County event venue and subdivision @ GLPC 2024-01-29

Update 2024-01-29: Actually, Lowndes County did email the materials on Friday. Packet: Gresham Event Venue on Old Valdosta Road and Byrd Road individual residences @ GLPC 2024-01-29.

Lowndes County did not return the materials for the two Lowndes County items listed in the agenda for Monday’s Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC) meeting. I have asked them again, noting the 3 days allowed for a response to a Georgia Open Recorda Act (GORA) request have passed.

[Collage, GLPC Packet 2024-01-29]
Collage, GLPC Packet 2024-01-29

Valdosta and Hahira staff (led by Matt Martin) find all the requests for those two cities consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and recommends approval, except for one of the Hahira proposals.

All three Hahira proposals are by Cre8ive Development Partners LLC, for 26 acres on 5901 U.S. 41 North. They are 8. to rezone, 9. to approve a planned development, and 10. to annex the property into the City of Hahira.

It’s that middle item that staff recommends further steps for: Continue reading

Videos: Four Lowndes County rezonings, communications tower, Hahira office buildings @ GLPC 2021-10-25

Longest at 26 minutes was the rezoning for relocation of an “automobile inventory” to 3436 Mt. Zion Church Road.

Second at 19 minutes was the Hahira rezoning for office buildings in Hahira at 515 South Church Street, which got conditions.

Third at almost 13 minutes was the communications tower for CitySwitch at 5010 Bemiss Road, just north of the Lowndes County fire station.

The other two county rezonings were four minutes each.

[Godfrey, Hahira, Tower, Sineath]
Godfrey, Hahira, Tower, Sineath

Below are LAKE videos of each agenda item with a few notes, followed by a LAKE video playlist. See also the agenda and the Hahira agenda packet item. The packet items for the four Lowndes County cases are also on the LAKE website, received Wednesday, two days after the GLPC meeting, in response to a LAKE open records request. We look forward to the county putting its board packets online like many other counties in Georgia and Florida have been doing for years. Continue reading

Hahira office buildings, 3 small county rezonings + telecommunications tower @ GLPC 2021-10-25

We do now have an agenda for the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission meeting tonight.

When: 5:30 PM, Monday, October 25, 2021

Where: South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue, Valdosta, GA 31601

[Agenda, Hahira case @ GLPC 2021-10-25]
Agenda, Hahira case @ GLPC 2021-10-25

Here is the agenda, thanks to Trinni Amiot. It also appeared online this morning. Thanks to Hahira City Planner Matt Martin for the board packet materials for the one Hahira case. We have no board packet materials for the Lowndes County cases; we have heard nothing from County Planner JD Dillard.

What we have is on the LAKE website:
http://www.l-a-k-e.org/govt/glpc/2021-10-25–glpc-packet Continue reading

Hahira annexation, Orvis McNeal Estate, 2018-08-01 @ LCC 2018-08-14

The board packet materials for the proposed Hahira annexation and rezoning of the Orvis McNeal Estate on US 41 at the north edge of Hahira are on the LAKE website. Sabrina Denson sent them at 2:18 PM today. All I asked for was before the County Commission meeting today, so this is what County Clerk Paige Dukes agreed to do when I asked her yesterday morning.

[Tax Parcels Aerial]
Tax Parcels Aerial

Or is it? The agenda “Amended Aug 13, 2018 9:04 AM” has both the annexation and rezoning in item 6.k, and another item 6.l about extraterritorial water and sewer. Nothing was received from the county about Continue reading

Videos: Turnberry, Branham, Peterson Road Lift Station, and Commissioner Comments @ LCC 2016-12-13

24 minutes on REZ-2016-19 Turnberry at Thompson E-A to R-21 which changed to R-1 at the last minute, 14 minutes on Bill Branham’s REZ-2016-23 Copeland Road development, 4 on REZ-2016-24 Martin< 3 on REZ-2016-25 Cain’s Creekside RV Park, and 3 on the Peterson Road Lift Station Rehab, plus almost 5 minutes of Chairman and Commission Comments! Real discussion and revealing their opinions in public? What’s gotten into them? Did they see in advance the VDT’s Sunlight on the horizon?

Yet the Chairman said nobody could ask the audience to stand up on REZ-2016-19 Turnberry at Thompson and while they were waiting for the room to clear before the next item could start, Continue reading

Videos: Health appointment, 7 rezonings, abandonment, Soil Erosion, Wastewater, and alcohol @ LCC 2016-12-12

Bill Branham’s Copeland Road development got six minutes of discussion, the longest in yesterday morning’s Work Session, with others of the seven rezonings also getting discussion, plus, surprisingly, the proposed VOCA grant, because the outgoing DA spoke. They vote tonight at 5:30 PM. I would like to compliment the Commissioners on asking questions and having discussion in the Work Session. Even ever-silent Joyce Evans spoke up about the MIDS on-call bus system grant re-application.

They’re going to reappoint Dr. Randy Smith to the Board of Health. Chairman Bill Slaughter said: “Inside your packets you have a letter from Dr. Grove supporting Dr. Smith.”

But we the citizens, taxpayers, and recipients of health care didn’t get to see that letter. The Chairman went on to recommend Dr. Smith, and I thank him for making that recommendation in public where we could all see and hear it. Dr. Smith is probably a fine board member: that’s not the point. The point is if the public could see these things they might have useful input, not to mention it’s the public’s business the Commission is doing. Similarly Commissioners had a quarterly financial report “before you”, but the public couldn’t see it. If tiny Effingham County can publish its County Commission packets, mighty Lowndes County could to it, too.

Below are links to each of the LAKE videos, with Continue reading

Health appointment, 7 rezonings, abandonment, Soil Erosion, Wastewater, and alcohol @ LCC 2016-12-12

Longest agenda in recent memory, for this morning’s Work Session and tomorrow evening’s Regular Session of the Lowndes County Commission.

For the rezonings, see also the LAKE videos of the preceding Planning Commission meeting. For the abandonment of unopened right of way on Avenue I, see the LAKE videos of last month’s Lowndes County Commission meeting.


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WORK SESSION, MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2016, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor

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