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Packet: Hahira 26 acre development; Valdosta financial institution, animal boarding, and commercial speculation; Lowndes County event venue and subdivision @ GLPC 2024-01-29

Update 2024-01-29: Actually, Lowndes County did email the materials on Friday. Packet: Gresham Event Venue on Old Valdosta Road and Byrd Road individual residences @ GLPC 2024-01-29.

Lowndes County did not return the materials for the two Lowndes County items listed in the agenda for Monday’s Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC) meeting. I have asked them again, noting the 3 days allowed for a response to a Georgia Open Recorda Act (GORA) request have passed.

[Collage, GLPC Packet 2024-01-29]
Collage, GLPC Packet 2024-01-29

Valdosta and Hahira staff (led by Matt Martin) find all the requests for those two cities consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and recommends approval, except for one of the Hahira proposals.

All three Hahira proposals are by Cre8ive Development Partners LLC, for 26 acres on 5901 U.S. 41 North. They are 8. to rezone, 9. to approve a planned development, and 10. to annex the property into the City of Hahira.

It’s that middle item that staff recommends further steps for: Continue reading

Videos: Maybe revisit lowering millage rate @ LCC 2020-08-10

There was pushback on lowering the millage rate at the Lowndes County Commission Work Session yesterday morning. They will decide this evening at 5:30 PM at the Regular Session.

The Commissioners, like some of the public, also wanted to know when there will be a new County Clerk. Answer, from the former County Clerk, Paige Dukes, who is now the County Manager: not yet; maybe next meeting (two weeks from now).

The $0.9 million low bid from Reames for road paving and a box culvert got no discussion from Commissioners.

The Scruggs Company was offered a special exception to the Comprehensive Plan; one that actually makes sense.

Yes, the Copeland property backs up to PCA.

The Verizon tower got no questions from Commissioners.

Below are links to each LAKE video with a few notes, followed by a LAKE video playlist. See also the agenda and board packet, and the millage rate hearing at 5PM today (Tuesday).

Packet: $0.9 million paving project, reduction of millage rate, 3 small rezonings @ LCC 2020-08-10

For the Monday morning Work session and Tuesday evening voting Regular Session, the Lowndes County Commission has only one item that has “BUDGET IMPACT” in its agenda sheet, but it’s a doozy:
Cost What
$899,744.40 Ridgecrest, Woodland and Glenview Paving & Drainage Project

The agenda sheet says:

Lowndes County solicited bids for Ridgecrest, Woodland and Glenview Grading, Drainage, Base and Paving. The project will consist of Grading, Drainage, Base and Paving of Ridgecrest and Woodland and the installation of a box culvert under Glenview Drive. Vendors present for the pre-bid meeting held on July 21, 2020, were James Warren & Associates, Southland Contractors, Reames & Son Construction, Rountree Construction, and The Scruggs Company. Three bids were received on August 4, 2020.

Here are the bids:

[Bids, NC-TIA 2019-04: Ridgecrest Street and Woodland Drive]
Bids, NC-TIA 2019-04: Ridgecrest Street and Woodland Drive

Where is that? South of the west end of W Savanna Ave, near I-75 Exit 16.

[Google map: Ridgecrest Street & Woodland Drive]
Google map: Ridgecrest Street & Woodland Drive

Ah, yes, I got stuck in traffic there not so long ago, trying to get around a stopped train.

We know this much because LAKE obtained a copy of the board packet through an open records request; it’s on the LAKE website.

I suppose if we rummage around enough we’ll find details of NC-TIA 2019-04 somewhere on the county’s website.

Here is the agenda.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2020, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor

Continue reading

Videos: Building and billboard locations @ ZBOA 2015-06-02

June 2nd 2015, ZBOA approved Fairway’s new billboard request, and building location variance for Gloryhill Cowboy Church, both unanimously, 6-0. They meet again today at 2:30 PM (they didn’t meet in July).

They welcomed new ZBOA member, John Hogan III, who ran for Valdosta City Council in 2015, appointed to ZBOA by that Council 7 May 2015. Laverne Gaskins declined to be reappointed.

Here’s the agenda, from the City of Valdosta website, followed by the video. Continue reading

Building and billboard locations @ ZBOA 2015-06-02

Today at 2:30 PM, Fairway is back with a new billboard request. Also in the county, a building location variance. Since Laverne Gaskins declined to be reappointed, there’s a new ZBOA member. John Hogan III, who ran for Valdosta City Council in 2015, was appointed to ZBOA by that Council 7 May 2015. Continue reading