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Trash disposal renewals, regional T-SPLOST, another lift station pump, Dasher Streets @ LCC 2017-03-27

Regional T-SPLOST is on the agenda this morning. Back in 2012 we all voted down a statewide T-SPLOST (Transportation Special Sales Tax).

As we learned at the February Lowndes County Commission Planning Session Day 2, on 28 February 2017 in Waycross there was a “public hearing” about a possible regional T-SPLOST. When I asked SGRC about that, they sent the Waycross agenda, saying “This is not a public meeting and was not advertised as such, however it is open to the public.” Apparently something happened at that meeting, since T-SPLOST is on the Lowndes County Commission agenda now, with this in the attached document:

HISTORY, FACTS AND ISSUES: According to House Bill 170, counties within a Regional Commission District have the option to institute a Regional T-SPLOST. The Georgia Department of Transportation is requesting action to be taken by April 1, 2017, either in favor of or opposed to a Regional T-SPLOSI’. If ten (10) of the eighteen (18) regional counties fail to get support for a Regional T-SPLOST, then individual counties can initiate an independent T-SPLOST’.


After Lowndes County spent unknown hundreds of thousands of dollars suing Continue reading

Service Delivery mismatch between cities and Lowndes County @ LCC 2016-11-29

photo: WALB TV Back in 1999, Lowndes County made AP news for being the only Georgia county to miss the deadline to file a service delivery plan and also not to file an extension. They finally came to an agreement in 2008 after a lot of wrangling, The tradition of local government disagreement about the 1997 HB 489 law requiring lack of duplication of tax-paid services continued tonight, with a Special Called Meeting. Caitlyn Chastain, WALBNews10, 11 November 2016, Valdosta and Lowndes Co. leaders miss deadline for SDS agreement,

Lowndes County leaders are holding a special meeting for citizens to talk about their newest proposal for the city on November 29th.

If I’m not mistaken, they only posted the agenda yesterday. But Gretchen is there with the LAKE video camera. Until they straigten this out, none of them can apply for federal or state grants. Last I heard, Continue reading

Public Hearing, 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update @ SGRC 2016-01-19

Received Friday 5 January 2016:

Subject: Lowndes Comprehensive Plan Kickoff Jan. 19th

The kick-off public hearing for the joint Lowndes County and Cities of Dasher, Hahira, Lake Park, Remerton, and Valdosta 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update will be held on:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 5:30 p.m.

Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 W. Savannah Avenue
Valdosta, Georgia

The purpose of this public hearing will be Continue reading

5 cities & Lowndes County: Community Planning Meeting @ LCC Planning 2016-01-19

It’s a good idea. It would be an even better idea if there was time scheduled for citizen input and responses from the assembled elected officials.

On the Lowndes County Commission calendar:

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016, Lowndes County and the cities of Valdosta, Hahira, Lake Park, Remerton and Dasher, will meet at the James H. Rainwater Conference Center for the purpose of identifying and discussing solutions related to community wide issues. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the public is encouraged to attend.

When: 9AM-10AM Tuesday 19 January 2016

Where: James H. Rainwater Conference Center, 1 Meeting Place, Valdosta, GA 31601

Contact: County Clerk, Paige Dukes, 229-671-2400

County Chairman Bill Slaughter announced this meeting at the Lowndes County Commission Regular Session 12 January 2016: Continue reading

Lake Park dwelling in commercial zone, 4 Valdosta, 4 County @ GLPC 2015-09-28

I’d guess the Lake Park case will breeze through tonight. The cases are more complicated, a couple with multiple parcels, and the Lowndes County cases are all big: 18-43 acres. Here’s the GLPC agenda that appeared on the county’s website Friday without anybody having to ask!

Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
Lowndes County City of Valdosta City of Dasher City of Hahira City of Lake Park

Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue
Monday, September 28, 2015 * 5:30 P.M. * Public Hearing

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Videos: Candidate Forum @ SCLC 2015-09-20

Here are videos of the candidate forum at Serenity Church last Sunday. Anyone can use these videos provided they attribute Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange. There’s another candidate forum tonight at VSU.

And if you haven’t heard John Robinson sing, you really ought to listen to this. Plus Roy Taylor says he didn’t do it.

Candidates Qualified for City Elections in Lowndes County, GA

Every Valdosta City Council seat up for election is contested, a couple of Valdosta School Board seats, one Hahira City Council seat, and five people are running for four Lake Park City Council seats.

Although this is a nonpartisan election, all candidates are invited to speak tonight at the Lowndes County Democratic Party (LCDP) monthly meeting, 6PM Monday 14 September 2015, at Mama June’s Home Cookin’, 3286 Inner Perimeter Rd., Valdosta, GA. Around 20 of them will speak, so here’s your first opportunity to hear directly from most of the candidates.

Here’s the list of candidates who qualified for this election, according to the Lowndes County Board of Elections, formatted the way they sent it. Continue reading

Videos: 3 small rezonings: Dasher, Lowndes, Valdosta @ GLPC 2015-08-31

Vice-Chair Jody Hall presided, sounding like he’d been practicing and it paid off at the 31 August 2015 Planning Commission meeting.

Nobody spoke for or against the agricultural rezoning in Lowndes County and the Planning Commission recommended it, but it may be more controversial than it looks now that the Lowndes County Commission agenda item and packet for Tuesday indicates it’s apparently related to that $16,915 the county agreed to pay to upgrade a water line near the Lake Alapaha subdivision.

The owner spoke for the automobile repair shop in Dasher with nobody against, and it was unanimously recommended.

Nobody spoke against the office rezoning in Valdosta. There was some Commissioner discussion of nearby neighborhoods. It was recommended 6-2 for R-15.

Here’s GLPC agenda, with links the the LAKE videos below, followed by a video playlist. Continue reading

3 small rezonings: Dasher, Lowndes, Valdosta @ GLPC 2015-08-31

Parcel 0120A 082 An automobile repair shop in Dasher, a agricultural rezoning in Lowndes County, and an office rezoning in Valdosta, in the GLPC agenda that appeared on the county’s website after Gretchen called to inquire.

Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
Lowndes County City of Valdosta City of Dasher City of Hahira City of Lake Park

Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue
Monday, August 31, 2015 * 5:30 P.M. * Public Hearing

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Videos: Doublewide, Commercial, Professional, Residential, Landscape, Stormwater, Suburban, Agriculture, Schools, and Moody @ GLPC 2015-05-26

The Planning Commission said at its 26 May 2015 meeting that it needed at least a month more to review Lowndes County’s proposed changes to the Moody Activity Zoning (MAZ) Districts, which is why the County Commission is pushing back the schedule on that.

Another big item is REZ-2015-11 The Orchard at Stone Creek, yet another subdivision on Old US 41 N, this one due west of Nelson Hill on Val Del.

Here’s the agenda. Below are links to each of the LAKE videos of the agenda items, followed by a video playlist. Continue reading