Miller Bridge Rezoning back as R-A @ GLPC 2022-01-31

Update 2022-01-27: Packet: Staff says growth over agriculture and forestry for Miller Bridge R-A Rezoning @ GLPC 2022-01-31.

As expected, it’s back, on the agenda for the January 31st Planning Commission meeting, this time for R-A, as in probably 2.5-acre instead of 1-acre lots: 6. REZ-2022-03 Windy Hill Subdivision, 7532 Miller Bridge Rd., 0010 022, ~34 ac., E-A to R-A.

I would tell you more, but Lowndes County has not returned the board packet despite having more than the three days the Georgia Open Records Act (GORA) permits for returning such documents. So I’ve included some information provided by the opposition.

[Agenda, Opposition to Miller Bridge Road rezoning]
Agenda, Opposition to Miller Bridge Road rezoning

That’s one of four subdivision rezonings, one in Dasher, the other three in unincorporated Lowndes County. The Miller Bridge Road one is different because it’s still in an aquifer recharge zone, still far outside any appropriate Character Area in the Comprehensive Pland, and it has overwhelming opposition. See this map that opponents tell me was a house-to-house team effort to get people to sign a petition against the rezoning. It shows the parcels owned by the opponents. They’ve got the subject parcel surrounded for miles around.

[Opposition to Miller Bridge Road Rezoning]
Opposition to Miller Bridge Road Rezoning

I have reminded Lowndes County of this passage from GORA:

O.C.G.A. § 50-18-71. Right of access; timing; fees; denial of requests; impact of electronic records

(b) (1) (A) Agencies shall produce for inspection all records responsive to a request within a reasonable amount of time not to exceed three business days of receipt of a request; provided, however, that nothing in this chapter shall require agencies to produce records in response to a request if such records did not exist at the time of the request. In those instances where some, but not all, records are available within three business days, an agency shall make available within that period those records that can be located and produced. In any instance where records are unavailable within three business days of receipt of the request, and responsive records exist, the agency shall, within such time period, provide the requester with a description of such records and a timeline for when the records will be available for inspection or copying and provide the responsive records or access thereto as soon as practicable.

My requests for the board packets for the Lowndes County Commission and Planning Commission were sent on Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday make more than three business days.

It would appear that the county is in violation of GORA twice this month. Possibly three times, since I never received any response to a similar request for the previously scheduled first County Commission meeting in January. Perhaps you can send the missing packets early Monday morning.

For what I’ve got about the Lowndes County Commission meeting this week, see other post.


Here is the agenda, PDF.

[GLPC Agenda January 2022]
GLPC Agenda January 2022


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