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Where you at, onevaldostalowndes.com?

Well, they spelled that wrong, as “Where are we now?” Maybe for the video narrator from California who showed a picture of lily pads when he said “River”.

Rivers, Video

Vision, Website But to be fair, this website and the video from the Development Authority organized by VisionFirst whom Lowndes County paid $25,000, presumably matching Valdosta, also adopted by SGRC, does work hard to show a positive vision of the local area. Oops, I forgot the hospital and the Chamber, and, most importantly, Georgia Power, listed in the FAQ:

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Wild Tourism Arts @ LCC 2016-10-24

Requested at the work session two weeks ago, and now on the agenda for Monday morning, a resolution for an arts district. That and reappoint Wild Adventures GM Molly Deese to the Tourism Authority, a public hearing on the 2016 updates to the Greater Lowndes Comprehensive Plan (even though they tabled it last time), and the usual Bid, surplus, and subdivision infrastructure sorts of items.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor

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Appointments upcoming by Lowndes County Commission

Health, Planning, Tourism, Construction, and KLVB: this is said to be a list of the remaining appointments to be made by the Lowndes County Commission for the rest of this year. The source document didn’t say who’s currently on those boards, but I’ve added links to other sources where those could be found.

Remaining Appointments-2014

Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities

  • Vacant seat as of 7/13/14

Region 4 ha a Regional Planning Board:

The Region Four Planning Board represents 24 counties in the region. Members are appointed by their county commissioners; they are business and civic leaders with a strong interest in mental health, developmental disabilities and addictive diseases as well as consumers or family members of consumers.

the Lowndes County members of which are: Continue reading

GIS maps of Sabal Trail pipeline preferred route

Sabal Trail had an interactive GIS map of the entire pipeline route in Moultrie last night, with zoom and pan detail as good as the tax assessor maps for Brooks and Lowndes Counties. The Sabal Trail reps declined to provide a copy of the whole GIS, but they obligingly panned down the pipeline and waited while I took pictures with my smartphone.

Here’s GIS of the pipeline route through Brooks and Lowndes Counties:

GIS of Brooks and Lowndes Counties

This is zoomed in where the route crosses US 84 and then the Withlacoochee River, which is the county line:

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Emily Macheski-Preston for Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful @ LCC 2013-06-11

As usual, an incumbent on an appointed board asked to be reappointed and was. She did show up and speak, although she said more when she was first appointed.

5.b. Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful Board

At the 10 June 2013 Work Session, County Manager Joe Pritchard noted Continue reading

Molly Deese for Convention Center and Tourism Authority @ LCC 2013-06-10

Do we have designated positions for specific local businesses on our appointed boards? It sure looks like it, at least for Wild Adventures.

5.a. Valdosta/Lowndes County Conference Center and Tourism Authority

At the Work Session 10 June 2013 County Manager Joe Pritchard said Commissioners had a letter of resignation from Bob Montgomery from VLCCCTA, and a letter (he didn’t say from whom) recommending Molly Deese to replace Montgomery. Pritchard said Deese had been “filling in” for Montgomery at VLCCCTA. Interesting. So Wild Adventures can send someone unappointed to fill in on an appointed board?

He didn’t say who Deese is, but she is Continue reading