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Solar panels at Valdosta Airport 2017-08-16

Prominently visible as you approach the terminal from Valdosta to catch a flight:

Solar panels behind passenger terminal sign
Pictures by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange 2017-08-17

VRA’s web page curiously includes no mention I can find of these solar panels, which I would think would be great advertising for the airport. Continue reading

Airport Authority says County Commission shorted payment —VDT

The Lowndes County Commission apparently failed to pay the Airport Authority $150,000, yet the City of Valdosta paid their part in full. Once again the VDT did a little investigation and came up with a story.

Brittany D. McClure wrote for the VDT 15 November 2012, Airport Authority chair states County Commission came up short,

Pictures of authority members on the wall at the airport When the Valdosta Regional Airport had hangars built on the property, both the city of Valdosta and Lowndes County pledged $900,000.

According to [Steve] Everett, the city paid their part in full but the county failed to pay $150,000 of the dedicated funds.


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