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Forestry rebounds economically in Georgia

Figure 4. Year-to-year percentage change in total output, employment, and compensation supported by the forest industry in 2011 dollars. Found via VLCIA’s blog, PR from Office of the Governor 11 January 2013, Forestry industry earns jobs, dollars for Georgia, illustrated here with figures from Economic Benefits of the Forest Industry in Georgia: 2011 by the Georgia Forestry Commission. And let’s not forget that while paper pulp rules the roost in Georgia at the moment, there are far more jobs in reforestation than in nuclear, even more than in wind or solar.

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology for the Georgia Forestry Commission shows that in 2011, economic activity generated by the forestry industry topped $25 billion in output and provided 118,459 jobs.

“I am proud to see our state retain its position as a national forestry leader,” said Deal. “Our 24 million acres of forests are one of Georgia’s most valuable natural resources, and the dedication of the men and women in the forestry community drive that success. I’m confident our sustainably grown forests will be providing both economic and environmental benefits for generations of Georgians to come.”

Highlights of the “Economic Benefits of the Forest Industry in Georgia: 2011” report include

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USDA Under Sec. to speak in Tifton Tuesday at forestry conference

From longleaf restoration to biomass, lots of interesting talks and tours.

Georgia Forestry Association wrote about the 30 October – 2 November 2011 Southern Woodland Owners Conference & Solutions Fair, USDA Under Sec. to speak in Tifton Tuesday at forestry conference:

9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Opening Session
Welcome Remarks and Announcements –
Introduction of Conference Co-Chairs, Steve McWilliams, President, Georgia Forestry Assoc.
KEYNOTE: Honorable Harris Sherman, Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC/Introduced by Honorable Gary Black, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Agriculture


Ecological value of Georgia Forests –Georgia Farm Monitor

Georgia Farm Monitor posts its TV episodes on YouTube, including this one, Forestry Adds Huge Amount To Georgia’s Economy, starring Wesley Langdale of The Langdale Company and Chuck Leavell of the Rolling Stones (both tree farmers) announcing $37 billion economic value of Georgia forest ecology: Continue reading

Biomass or carbon trading or something else?

To get an idea of why big timber growers might find biomass attractive, here’s an article by Terry Dickson in the Florida Times-Union from 20 June 2005, State’s forestry industry in an ‘alarming decline’
People have long debated whether there is a sound if a tree falls in a forest but nobody is there to hear it.

The fall of revenue from Georgia’s forestry industry, however, has attracted a lot of attention — but $10 billion is hard to ignore.

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Suppressing fire forest fires: a bad idea then and now

The Longleaf Alliance came up with some doozies of old fire-suppression propaganda at the Longleaf Workshops at Wiregrass Tech today.

Just in case you couldn’t visualize this enemy well enough, how about as a pale skeleton on a white horse with a B-movie torch?
Ooh, those shadowy letters!

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Your local fire forest: Longleaf Workshop, Valdosta

This sums it up:
“Taking fire out of the longleaf forest is like taking rain out of the rain forest.”
But there’s a lot more to learn about the formerly largest-ranging forest in North America. The Longleaf Alliance is doing a series of Longleaf Workshops around Georgia, in conjunction with the Georgia Forestry Commission I went to the one at Wiregrass Technical College at Valdosta.

Here is EJ Williams giving an overview:

Longleaf Workshop, Valdosta, 10 February 2011.
Video by John S. Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.

Good crowd: more than 50 people. More later. We’re on break now.


Center of Innovation – Energy

Where’s Waldo? And where’s the state renewable energy strategy for Georgia, or for the southeast, or for just south Georgia? Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA) Project Manager Allan Ricketts found another candidate.
“Forests Dominate Georgia’s Land Use”
That’s the title of slide 10 of 21 in Center of Innovation – Energy (CIE) by Jill Stuckey, Director. Actually, massively pesticided planted pines dominate south Georgia’s land use; not the same as actual forests with species diversity and diverse ages of trees. The same CIE slide equates
Georgia Forestry = Biomass Energy
That is what the state government seems to want it to be.

Back on slide 9, solar is defined as a southwestern regional energy source; nevermind that the solar map on that page shows Georgia with the same insolation as most of Texas (more on that later). And wind is defined as a central U.S. regional strength, nevermind that even Georgia Power has started exploring the possibility of wind off the Georgia coast.

I get it that Georgia has trees and forestry is a big industry in Georgia. I’m a tree farmer myself. I’d love to be convinced that biomass from trees is one good way to go. But at what costs? And compared to what? Continue reading