Ecological value of Georgia Forests –Georgia Farm Monitor

Georgia Farm Monitor posts its TV episodes on YouTube, including this one, Forestry Adds Huge Amount To Georgia’s Economy, starring Wesley Langdale of The Langdale Company and Chuck Leavell of the Rolling Stones (both tree farmers) announcing $37 billion economic value of Georgia forest ecology:
Every year the forestry industry pumps billions of dollars into Georgia’s economy. Wood products are all around us and by growing and harvesting timber the people of Georgia benefit greatly. Now a study conducted by the University of Georgia finds the forestry sector’s value is far greater than previously thought. The Monitor’s Mark Wildman explains.

Georgia Farm Monitor is “…the only national and state weekly news and information television program dedicated to Georgia’s largest and Number One industry – agriculture. It airs 15 times a week on Georgia television stations, and three times per week on the RFD-TV Network.”

Note the governor continuing to tout biomass. Maybe he hadn’t heard that Adage has failed to build even one of its proposed 10 to 12 biomass plants around the country.

There are better economic ideas for Georgia forests, such as carbon trading and reforestation.