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Biomass Plant, VLCIA

Here's an update on the action items VLCIA agreed to in the 10 June 2010 meeting with citizen activists, pictured to the right; see also Biomass and Carbon Dioxide and other posts in the biomass topics in On the LAKE Front.

Taken from the PDF of action items:

What: Action Item

When: Target Completion/Response Date

Who: Responsibility

Contact NAACP

What: Provide Wiregrass Power Overview to NAACP. (Lee Touchton)

When: 16 June 2010 - Initial contact/meeting scheduled
25 June 2010 - Meeting completed

Who: Brad Lofton

Response: Leigh is still out of town on vacation.

Where's the Wood?

What: Provide a copy of Fuel Supply Study. Note 1 [Wiregrass LLC wants jsq to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) first.]

When: 21 June 2010

Who: Allan Ricketts, Bob Turner

Response: jsq is sending back some edits to the NDA to see if Wiregrass LLC will agree.

Emissions Data

What: Provide a copy of the projected Air Emissions Analysis Data provided to GA EPD for the Air Permit.

When: 21 June 2010

Who: Allan Ricketts, Bob Turner

Response: The air quality permit application that we've had linked in under biomass on the LAKE web pages since February 2010.

Particulate Emissions

What: Provide a comparison/analysis of particulate matters emissions from a coal fired electric generating plant and a biomass electric generating plant.

When: 25 June 2010

Who: Allan Ricketts, Bob Turner

Response: This bar graph:

We had already seen it as part of a previous presentation. There was some confusion as to the request. What I (jsq) requested was emissions compared per kilowatt hour of electricity produced. Col. Ricketts noted that that's not required for the air quality permit, but acknowledged that it was what I asked for, and that he would see if Wiregrass LLC could supply it. We'll see.

Cadillac Property Values

What: Obtain, if available, an analysis of the property value trends of residential/ commercial property adjacent to the Cadillac Michigan biomass electric generating plant. Note 2 [it might cost money]

When: 25 June 2010

Who: Allan Ricketts

Response: See summary of conversation.

Job Descriptions

What: Provide a list of projected job descriptions/positions of Wiregrass Power employees.

When: 21 June 2010

Who: Allan Ricketts, Tom Black

Response: This org chart:

It does not include job descriptions, but it at least gives job titles and numbers.

Fugitive Emissions

What: Provide the current Georgia/Federal regulations/guidelines on mobile emissions from commercial vehicles used to transport biomass fuel or manufacturing support equipment/supplies along regional/local roadways to Wiregrass Power.

When: 21 June 2010

Who: Allan Ricketts

Response: There's some material in the air quality permit application.

European Emissions Controls

What: Obtain, if available, a comparison/analysis of the emission control device technologies to be employed by Wiregrass Power with the emission control device technologies used in the Netherlands. Note 2 [it might cost money]

When: 02 July 2010

Who: Allan Ricketts, Bob Turner

Response: Nothing useful found so far, but he'll continue looking until his deadline. He has found several consultants who would be happy to do it for a fee.

State or Regional Renewable Energy Strategy

What: Where's the south Georgia, state, or southeast U.S. equivalent of the Highland Renewable Energy Strategy approved by the Highland Council at its 4 May 2006 meeting. It's a 58 page document about renewable energy strategy and planning guidelines, considering numerous types of renewable energy, pros and cons of each, power distribution, effects on environment, protected areas, etc., illustrated copiously with detailed maps.

When: This was added after a request from jsq on 16 June 2010:

They have put quite a bit of effort into considering all these issues and laying them out in a form that provides enough traction that affected parties of all kinds can have something to start with in debating their positions.

South Georgia has somewhat less land area and several times the population of the Highlands of Scotland. We're seeing attempts to site biofuels plants all over the region and the state, as well as a couple of nuclear plants, and maybe some conversion of coal to biomass, and maybe wind off the coast and someday maybe solar inland. There is a state energy plan from 2006, but it's mostly about coal and nuclear, and says nothing specific about for example the proposed biomass sites.

Where is the south Georgia (or all of Georgia, or southeast) equivalent of this Highland Council renewable energy strategy and planning guidelines?

If it doesn't exist, who should be responsible for producing it?

Who: Allan Ricketts

Response: There really is no equivalent. Allan found the same state materials I had previously found. Here is his response:

The attached document is a menu of documents that are available on the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority website http://www.gefa.org/Search.aspx?cmd=search&natlang=Yes&type=all&request=ren ewable+energy+strategy&maxFiles=25 that relate to energy strategy. You will find the State Energy Strategy for Georgia along with numerous other documents that relate to renewable/sustainable energy guidelines, policy and planning.

This is the most comprehensive collection of documents we've been able to locate that appear to be similar in purpose, scope and content to the Highland Renewable Energy Strategy and Planning Guidelines that you referenced during our meeting on 10 June 2010 and in subsequent conversations. Please visit the site to view/download the documents.

I've also attached a copy of a GEFA Center of Innovation - Energy .ppt presentation that highlights renewable/sustainable aspects of Georgia's energy strategy.

Best Regards. Allan

As to who should produce such a strategy, the state, probably GEFA, especially if so directed by the governor.

Contact at LAKE

John S. Quarterman

Contact at VLCIA

Allan Ricketts
Project Manager
Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority
2110 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA
229-259-9972 local
877-259-9972 toll free
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