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Suppressing fire forest fires: a bad idea then and now

The Longleaf Alliance came up with some doozies of old fire-suppression propaganda at the Longleaf Workshops at Wiregrass Tech today.

Just in case you couldn’t visualize this enemy well enough, how about as a pale skeleton on a white horse with a B-movie torch?
Ooh, those shadowy letters!

If all else fails, go for fake religious injunctions, such as Continue reading

Your local fire forest: Longleaf Workshop, Valdosta

This sums it up:
“Taking fire out of the longleaf forest is like taking rain out of the rain forest.”
But there’s a lot more to learn about the formerly largest-ranging forest in North America. The Longleaf Alliance is doing a series of Longleaf Workshops around Georgia, in conjunction with the Georgia Forestry Commission I went to the one at Wiregrass Technical College at Valdosta.

Here is EJ Williams giving an overview:

Longleaf Workshop, Valdosta, 10 February 2011.
Video by John S. Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.

Good crowd: more than 50 people. More later. We’re on break now.


Longleaf Flood Prevention and Carbon Sequestration

dscn1384_candle_dead_leaves Instead of planting fast-growing slash or loblolly pines just to burn up in a biomass plant, how about plant the south’s iconic longleaf pine trees to capture and hold carbon from the atmosphere?
“Longleaf should be the centerpiece of land-based carbon sequestration efforts in the Southeast,” the report states, urging that national policymakers make the ecosystem as high a priority as the Everglades or Chesapeake Bay.
The report is Restoring the Longleaf Pine: Preparing the Southeast for Global Warming, Published December 10, 2009 by the National Wildlife Federation and two southeast forest conservation groups, America’s Longleaf, and The Longleaf Alliance.

People rightly worry about deforestation in the Amazon basin of Brazil, but forget or never knew that we already did that right here in the southeast: Continue reading