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Forestry rebounds economically in Georgia

Figure 4. Year-to-year percentage change in total output, employment, and compensation supported by the forest industry in 2011 dollars. Found via VLCIA’s blog, PR from Office of the Governor 11 January 2013, Forestry industry earns jobs, dollars for Georgia, illustrated here with figures from Economic Benefits of the Forest Industry in Georgia: 2011 by the Georgia Forestry Commission. And let’s not forget that while paper pulp rules the roost in Georgia at the moment, there are far more jobs in reforestation than in nuclear, even more than in wind or solar.

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology for the Georgia Forestry Commission shows that in 2011, economic activity generated by the forestry industry topped $25 billion in output and provided 118,459 jobs.

“I am proud to see our state retain its position as a national forestry leader,” said Deal. “Our 24 million acres of forests are one of Georgia’s most valuable natural resources, and the dedication of the men and women in the forestry community drive that success. I’m confident our sustainably grown forests will be providing both economic and environmental benefits for generations of Georgians to come.”

Highlights of the “Economic Benefits of the Forest Industry in Georgia: 2011” report include

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Valdosta in bottom 10 metro areas for wages

Richard Florida writes about The Geography of High-Paying Jobs, including this map based on Bureau of Labor Staistics (BLS) data:

The Valdosta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) comes in the bottom 10 nationwide. That’s for overall average wages.

It doesn’t look quite as bad for specific classes of jobs (creative, service, and working class), but that’s mostly because there are almost no MSAs in the lowest pay tier. However, for service jobs, Valdosta is not as good as Tallahassee, and makes it into the bottom 10: Continue reading