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Videos: Mostly trash, plus 3 appointments, 1 rezoning, 2 wastewater @ LCC 2013-06-11

Once again the big topic was trash, and it wasn’t on the agenda. The Chairman made up a rule to limit citizen speakers to 15 minutes total. After five citizens managed to speak anyway, all to applause, and the owner of Deep South Sanitation got a standing ovation, the Commissioners offered nothing but excuses.

Here’s the agenda, plus links to the videos and a few notes. See also the videos of the previous morning’s Work Session.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2013, 8:30 a.m.
REGULAR SESSION, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013, 5:30 p.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor
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Paul Alvarado, Attorney, for ZBOA @ LCC 2013-06-10

Another board, another incumbent reappointed. Paul Alvarado, Attorney for ZBOA @ LCC 2013-06-10 Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing: experience and continuity can be useful. But I do think applicants could say more about why they want the job and Commissioners could ask a few questions about their experience on the board. At least applicants are mostly showing up to speak; that’s an improvement.

5.c. Valdosta/Lowndes County Zoning Board of Appeals

At the 10 June 2013 Work Session, Zoning Administrator Carmella Braswell introduced applicant Paul Alvarado. He said he had been serving since 2007, and was not only a voting member of ZBOA, but also had been providing legal advice.

Now I have used Alvarado as an attorney, and have Continue reading

Library Board candidates set an example @ LCC 2013-06-10

Three unscheduled candidates for the Lowndes County Library Board set examples for informative applications to an appointed board.

At the 10 June 2013 Work Session the Chairman did clearly say library board appointments were not on the agenda but would be at their next meeting. He didn’t define “next meeting”, but he meant two weeks later, when it is indeed on the agenda for this morning and tomorrow evening. Back two weeks ago, South Georgia Regional Library Director Kelly Lenz said two nominees were present for two vacant positions. Then she named three people: Jack Hartley, Linda Most, and Matt Lawrence.

Jack Hartley’s LinkedIn profile says he is “Franchsie Owner of Home Instead Senior Care, Valdosta, Georgia”. He said: Continue reading

Emily Macheski-Preston for Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful @ LCC 2013-06-11

As usual, an incumbent on an appointed board asked to be reappointed and was. She did show up and speak, although she said more when she was first appointed.

5.b. Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful Board

At the 10 June 2013 Work Session, County Manager Joe Pritchard noted Continue reading

Molly Deese for Convention Center and Tourism Authority @ LCC 2013-06-10

Do we have designated positions for specific local businesses on our appointed boards? It sure looks like it, at least for Wild Adventures.

5.a. Valdosta/Lowndes County Conference Center and Tourism Authority

At the Work Session 10 June 2013 County Manager Joe Pritchard said Commissioners had a letter of resignation from Bob Montgomery from VLCCCTA, and a letter (he didn’t say from whom) recommending Molly Deese to replace Montgomery. Pritchard said Deese had been “filling in” for Montgomery at VLCCCTA. Interesting. So Wild Adventures can send someone unappointed to fill in on an appointed board?

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Adjourn into trash excuses @ LCC 2013-06-11

Citizens still wanted to talk about solid waste after the Commission adjourned the Tuesday 11 June 2013 Lowndes County Commission Regular Session. Commissioners offered nothing but excuses.

Page asks for Wright to stay behind Commissioner Page asked for Mr. Wright to stay behind so he could talk to him. The Chairman adjourned; I didn’t hear or see any motion or second or vote. Aren’t those required by state law? Motion to adjourn? --Chairman Slaughter

The subsequent excuses included:

It’s not about right or wrong anymore.

Nevermind that most of the people in the room thought it was, as well as many of the citizens and voters in the county.

We have to follow the process.

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A metropolitan area needs better than trash government –John S. Quarterman

My LTE in the VDT Thursday. I’ve added links to some of my inspirations. -jsq

Local leaders worked hard to get the Valdosta Metropolitan Statistical Area declared. Why now are they acting like a Ludowici speed trap for local businesses?

The Lowndes County Commission shouldn’t act like a private business trying to exclude anybody it doesn’t like. State law says local governments are supposed to have open bids and public hearings. A promise (in the VDT) in March 2013 of a non-exclusive contract for trash collection turned into exclusive in October; at least two of the five bidders are now the same company; and the county is suing Applause a local business to the profit of a company owned by investors in New York City. Meanwhile, no public accounting has ever been seen of the former waste collection sites and no public hearing was held before they closed, despite state law.

Business exists to make a profit. Government exists to provide public services like law enforcement, water, sewers, roads, and yes, trash collection. Sure, balanced books are good. But money isn’t the main point of government: providing what the people need is, and the people didn’t ask the county to exchange the waste collection centers for lower prices that won’t last.

Businesses (except monopolies) have to Continue reading

You’re losing the democratic process –Gary Wright @ LCC 2013-06-11

“I hope you’ll consider a democratic process working into your rules,” remarked a military veteran at Tuesday night’s Lowndes County Commission Regular Session.

After saying he was also concerned about how Deep South Sanitation is being treated, Gary Wright said:

Gary Wright There is a little bit of a lack of democratic process in your meeting groundrules. On your website I don’t know anything in there that said you have only thirty minute meetings for the entire thing. I don’t know if this happens whenever you have a meeting that’s only thirty minutes long; I’ve never been to one.

Their rules don’t say that, but it’s not surprising there is confusion, given Continue reading

Do the right thing –Steve Parker @ LCC 2013-06-11

The right thing is not letting one company take all the money to New York while putting another out of business, said a local resident at Tuesday night’s Lowndes County Commission Regular Session.

Steve Parker When you get a company like Veolia or Advanced that’s taking all the money to New York, and then they come to my house and they leave, I put garbage bags beside my can and they won’t pick it up.

And then my guy, Cary Scarborough, comes and picks up everything, and you know what else he does guys? Continue reading

I want a choice in who I use –Jerome Tucker @ LCC 2013-06-11

“Let me decide who I want to haul my waste,” said a former Chairman of the Industrial Authority at Tuesday night’s Lowndes County Commission Regular Session.

Jerome Tucker

Bill Slaughter, Chairman Jerome Tucker thanked Commissioner John Page for bringing up the topic of freedom, since that was his main topic, too.

I’m here to talk about… where I have a choice who handles my waste…

Joyce Evans, District 1 Cary didn’t come to me looking for business. I saw his truck come along and Continue reading