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A metropolitan area needs better than trash government –John S. Quarterman

My LTE in the VDT Thursday. I’ve added links to some of my inspirations. -jsq

Local leaders worked hard to get the Valdosta Metropolitan Statistical Area declared. Why now are they acting like a Ludowici speed trap for local businesses?

The Lowndes County Commission shouldn’t act like a private business trying to exclude anybody it doesn’t like. State law says local governments are supposed to have open bids and public hearings. A promise (in the VDT) in March 2013 of a non-exclusive contract for trash collection turned into exclusive in October; at least two of the five bidders are now the same company; and the county is suing Applause a local business to the profit of a company owned by investors in New York City. Meanwhile, no public accounting has ever been seen of the former waste collection sites and no public hearing was held before they closed, despite state law.

Business exists to make a profit. Government exists to provide public services like law enforcement, water, sewers, roads, and yes, trash collection. Sure, balanced books are good. But money isn’t the main point of government: providing what the people need is, and the people didn’t ask the county to exchange the waste collection centers for lower prices that won’t last.

Businesses (except monopolies) have to Continue reading

What if we only had one hardware store –Duane Roark @ LCC 2013-06-11

Does the Commission already has reputation problems when it’s being compared unfavorably to Lester Maddox? A citizen canceled a business trip to ask “what if we only had one hardware store” at last night’s Lowndes County Commission Regular Session.

Our prices we pay would be through the roof; we would not have a choice.
And you’re welcome, Duane Roark: it was LAKE who put you on YouTube last month.

He also quoted a headline from the Fayetteville Observer, Operation Tarnished Badge: Years later, tarnish remains.

A corruption investigation that sent the Sheriff and 21 others to prison still casts a shadow over law enforcement in Robeson County.

Duane Roark

If we put Deep South Sanitation out of business, it’s gonna give Lowndes County a black eye. People are to say, Continue reading