I want a choice in who I use –Jerome Tucker @ LCC 2013-06-11

“Let me decide who I want to haul my waste,” said a former Chairman of the Industrial Authority at Tuesday night’s Lowndes County Commission Regular Session.

Jerome Tucker

Bill Slaughter, Chairman Jerome Tucker thanked Commissioner John Page for bringing up the topic of freedom, since that was his main topic, too.

I’m here to talk about… where I have a choice who handles my waste…

Joyce Evans, District 1 Cary didn’t come to me looking for business. I saw his truck come along and I flagged it down. Because Veolia crushed my trash can, leaves the lid open, dumps trash beside the road… so every time Veolia dumps my trash I have to get out side the road and pick up trash. So I flagged Cary’s truck down.

John Page, District 5 He talked about he and Cary Scarborough talking about growing Cary’s company so Cary’s son could go into business.

I don’t know. Maybe I missed it. Because I wake up most mornings going somewhere else. But I don’t remember many ribbon cuttings going on in the Valdosta and Lowndes County area. And here we are talking about putting one out of business. A single truck, a single company, one man show. Richard Raines, District 2 That’s wrong. I want a choice in who I use.

And I appreciate your concern about my money. But I didn’t ask for your concern. I want to be the one to decide who I use to haul my waste. And I’m willing to pay more money for better service.

Demarcus Marshall, District 4 He continued with examples of better service from Deep South Sanitation, and concluded:

Let me decide who I want to haul my waste.

Crawford Powell, District 3 The crowd applauded. The Commissioners did not. They sat with poker faces and said nothing, even though their own rules say:

7. Commissioners may in their discretion respond to a speaker at the conclusion of the speaker’s presentation.

Here’s the video:

I want a choice in who I use –Jerome Tucker
Regular Session, Lowndes County Commission (LCC),
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 11 June 2013.