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Videos: Passed resolution for dedicated state fees and bids for equipment @ VCC 2018-01-25

The big item was they passed the Resolution to support GA HR 158 for dedicated fee collections. That and the T-SPLOST projects and upcoming public meetings, by Mayor Gayle. There was only one Citizen to Be Heard, which was me, about the resolution and about public access to the Withlacoochee River at Gornto Road in Valdosta.

Below are links to the LAKE video of each item, with a few notes, followed by a LAKE video playlist. See also the agenda.

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Resolution for dedicated state fees and bids for equipment @ VCC 2018-01-25

Valdosta has a very light agenda Thursday, with a couple of bids and the same resolution in support of Georgia HR 158 to stop diversion of state fees that has already been passed by Lanier County 2018-01-08, by the City of Adel 2018-01-16, by Atkinson County 2018-01-18, and is on the agenda for Lowndes County 5:30 PM tonight 2018-01-23 and on the agenda for Hahira 6PM next Thursday 2018-02-01.

Valdosta City Council
Photo: Valdosta City Council by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange, 2018-01-11.

If you can attend one of these meetings and thank these elected officials for doing the right thing, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

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The power of going solar —John S. Quarterman

Solar panels on farm workshop --John S. Quarterman My op-ed in the VDT today. Remember to vote today or Tuesday. -jsq

This spring, the University at Buffalo turned on 750 kilowatts of solar electricity. Rutgers U., in New Jersey, installed 1.4 megawatts in 2009 and started on 8 MW this summer. Down here with a lot more sun, how about solar panels on VSU parking lots?

There’s plenty of private solar financing available. Also in New Jersey, a company installed 6 MW of solar on high school land and leased the power to the school supplying most of its needs win-win. You can go see a solar farm already working fine here, 200 kilowatts at Mud Creek Wastewater Plant. Why not do the same

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at Lowndes High School, where all the world on I-75 could see, attracting business to our community?

Why not?

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Occupy Valdosta General Assembly today

Noon until 3PM today, in Drexel Park, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, Occupy Valdosta will be having a General Assembly. This is the slow, messy, talkative, oddly organized, flashy-fingered decision-making forum descended from the direct democracy of ancient Athens. The General Assembly method is why Occupy Wall Street is two months old instead of being a one-shot one-day march.

Occupy Atlanta has published a General Assembly Guide which includes this Occupy Atlanta Pledge and Guidelines derived from Occupy Wall Street: Continue reading

I would certainly encourage you to speak your mind —VSU Pres. Levy

Henry Calhoun asked VSU Interim President Louis Levy where are the free areas on campus? Dr. Levy answered:
Right outside of Palms Quad there’s a free speech thing, but, as you can see, uh…. [gestures around]
You know, like I said. If someone’s violating the law here, and creating a dangerous situation by, uh, physically disrupting the students or faculty, that’s one thing, we deal with that….

But if it’s, even this gnat, we will allow this gnat to….

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Planning meetings, Occupy Valdosta @ VSU 27 October 2011

Yesterday’s Occupy Valdosta organizational session went faster than expected, and resulted in adding some events to the upcoming list:

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