Resolution for dedicated state fees and bids for equipment @ VCC 2018-01-25

Valdosta has a very light agenda Thursday, with a couple of bids and the same resolution in support of Georgia HR 158 to stop diversion of state fees that has already been passed by Lanier County 2018-01-08, by the City of Adel 2018-01-16, by Atkinson County 2018-01-18, and is on the agenda for Lowndes County 5:30 PM tonight 2018-01-23 and on the agenda for Hahira 6PM next Thursday 2018-02-01.

Valdosta City Council
Photo: Valdosta City Council by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange, 2018-01-11.

If you can attend one of these meetings and thank these elected officials for doing the right thing, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Valdosta City Council Tim Carroll talked about this resolution at the previous Valdosta City Council meeting:

Of particular concern is that when you think about our stormwater drainage ditches and branches, and creeks, our rivers, there are fees that are charged that are supposed to be used to protect those, and as best as we can tell they are not all being used for that purpose.

For example, the tire amnesty that Lowndes County Public Works Director Robin Cumbus said yesterday morning was very succcessful (5,000 tires collected, many mosquitos left without breeding areas) came from a GA-EPD grant she discussed May 8, 2017, and, if I’m not mistaken, that grant comes from the Georgia Scrap Tire Abatement Reimbursement Program, which is funded by the Solid Waste Trust Fund, from which upwards of $50 million has been diverted to other purposes, as mentioned in a WHEREAS in the resolution on these local agendas.

Here’s the agenda for Thursday evening.

5:30 PM Thursday, January 25, 2018

  1. Opening Ceremonies
    1. Call to Order
    2. Invocation
    3. Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag
  2. Minutes Approval
    1. Valdosta City Council – Regular Meeting – Jan 11, 2018 5:30 PM
  3. Ordinances and Resolutions
    1. Consideration of a Resolution of Support for the passage of House Resolution 158 for dedicated fee collections in the State of Georgia.
  4. Bids, Contracts, Agreements and Expenditures
    1. Consideration of bids for a four-wheel drive rubber tire backhoe for the Engineering Department.
    2. Consideration of bids for new tactical equipment for the Police Department Tactical Operations Unit.
  5. Citizens to be Heard
  6. City Manager’s Report
  7. Council Comments
  8. Adjournment


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