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Hunter rezoning, insurance, objections to rejection of Beasley rezoning @ LCC Regular 2022-07-26

Last month at the Lowndes County Commission, the Hunter rezoning acreage was finally resolved, the rejected Beasley rezoning came back in Citizens Wishing to Be Heard, and the Alapaha Plantation water filtration system still doesn’t work after a year.

[Hunter, Insurance, CWTBH]
Hunter, Insurance, CWTBH

Even the property owners didn’t know whether 6.a. REZ-2022-13 Hunter Property was for rezoning 2 or 7 acres. Commissioner Mark Wisenbaker resolved the issue by Continue reading

Videos: Seven minutes, mostly insurance @ LCC Work 2022-07-25

Update 2022-08-25: Videos: Hunter rezoning, insurance, objections to rejection of Beasley rezoning @ LCC Regular 2022-07-26.

This morning the Lowndes County Commission spent 3 minutes discussing insurance, mostly about defensive driving to get rates down. And 2 minutes discussing the previously-tabled 6.a. REZ-2022-13 Hunter Property, which seems to be really for 2 acres, not 7 acres. Rezoning notice signs are posted on both adjacent roads. The whole meeting took seven minutes.

[Library, rezoning, insurance, seven minutes]
Library, rezoning, insurance, seven minutes

They vote 5:30 PM Tuesday evening, July 26, 2022.

Below are links to each LAKE video of each agenda item of this morning’s meeting, with a few notes by Gretchen Quarterman, followed by a LAKE video playlist. See also the Continue reading

Packet: Appointments to ZBOA, Library Board, Hunter rezoning again, alcohol, insurance @ LCC 2022-07-25

Update 2022-07-25: Videos: Seven minutes, mostly insurance @ LCC Work 2022-07-25.

Back this morning on the Lowndes County Commission agenda, after being tabled two weeks ago because of confusion over 2 or 7 acres, and over road frontage without rezoning signs, the packet pages for REZ-2022-13 Hunter Property are the same as last time, except for a better scan of the survey plat.

[Rezoning and insurance]
Rezoning and insurance

John Hogan wants to be reappointed to the Valdosta-Lowndes County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBOA) and J. Elveta Miller wants to be reappointed to the South Georgia Regional Library Board (SGRLB). There’s a beer and wine license.

And the big-dollar item is $898,852.00 to the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) for property and liability insurance.

Here is the agenda. The board packet, received in response to a LAKE open records request, is on the LAKE website. See also Continue reading

Local government pipeline responsibilities

Make pipeline companies answer questions, motivate implementation of safety standards, announce FERC Scoping meetings, and enforce reasonable local zoning restrictions: these are things local governments can do, and NTSB and FERC say they should do most of them. Gilchrist County Commission in Trenton, Florida has done most of them, and plans to continue doing more. The Lowndes County Commission and the Valdosta City Council still can, too, plus all the other county and city governments along the proposed pipeline path, and their statewide county and city government associations. Will our local elected officials represent we the people?

Make pipeline companies answer questions

There were Real questions at the Gilchrist County Commission meeting in Trenton, Florida Monday. Two hours of first questions from a citizens committee with Spectra’s reps expected to answer right there in front of everybody, then questions from locals and people from many counties around, including attorneys representing landowners and other county commissions cross-examining Spectra on the spot. The Chairman of the Gilchrist County Commission said there was a general opinion among the populace that they were asking specific questions and getting only general answers. Congratulations, Chairman, Commission, staff, Committee, and everyone who asked questions for showing the world how it’s done, and for exposing Spectra’s evasions to public scrutiny.

This is in sharp contrast to Continue reading

Directors and Officers Insurance: ACCG IRMA for Lowndes County

With almost $22 million in liability coverage, why do Lowndes County Commissioners and staff express such apprehension about lawsuits? This is what Lowndes County returned in response to an open records request for its contract for Directors and Officers insurance: paperwork about its ACCG IRMA subscription. IRMA is Interlocal Risk Management Agency, and ACCG is Association of County Commissioners of Georgia.

ACCG IRMA as D&O Insurance for Lowndes County
[Open Records Request]
Open Records Request
[Summary of Insurance]
Summary of Insurance
[Contribution Breakdown]
Contribution Breakdown
[Contributions by Coverage]
Contributions by Coverage
[Renewal Contribution Worksheet]
Renewal Contribution Worksheet

Copies of these documents are on the LAKE website.


SB 104 that changed comprehensive plan rules: good or bad?

The Georgia legislature overwhelmingly passed a rather brief bill that changes the requirements for Comprehensive Plans by local governments. ACCG and GMA both supported it. It seems to be related to recent Department of Community Affairs (DCA) rulemaking that was mostly positive. Does that make it a good law? Opinions seem to differ. Here’s what I’ve found.

The Bill: SB 104

Continue reading