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Videos: votes on decisions already made, and paving Black Road, Naylor? @ LCC Regular 2015-09-08

They meet again today. Here are videos of when they voted last, after apparently already deciding before the meeting how they would vote, plus one citizen spoke for several in the audience who want their road paved (Black Road near Naylor), even though the Chairman said “we kind of minimize that dialog”. County Manager Joe Pritchard again reminded of the Annual 9/11 Memorial Service to be held 10AM Friday at Historic Courthouse,

Indeed they did not vote on the Roundabout Support. There was a bit of discussion on the water main to Lowndes Middle School to fend off suspected Valdosta annexation. Everything else they breezed through as fast as they could move, second, and unanimously vote, including the church rezoning and the two lift station pumps, on Bevel Creek and Coleman Road.

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Videos: Six minute Work Session @ LCC Work 2015-09-08

They vote 5:30 PM today, after this morning’s six-minute 8:30 AM Work Session, in the LAKE videos below.

No vote tonight on the Roundabout Support, Chairman Bill Slaughter made pretty clear. Annual 911 Memorial Service to be held 10AM Friday at Historic Courthouse, reminded County Manager Joe Pritchard.

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Scans of paper for board packet @ LCC Regular 2015-09-08

They vote tonight 5:30 PM, after this morning’s 8:30 AM Work Session.

LAKE did what the county staff didn’t: turned a mound of paper into electronic format and posted it. The added material is for the Shiloh Road Roundabout (county has to maintain lighting and landscaping) and the bids for the Bevel Creek and Coleman Road lift stations. Except there’s no bid from Xylem for replacing the Coleman Road pump. Did they not bid, or did the Clerk’s office not supply that bid?

See previous post for the agenda and other notes.

Also today: Development Authority 10AM, Chamber members to be Heard 3:30 PM, and Board of Elections 4:30PM, and the County Commission votes 5:30 PM.


Work and Regular Sessions both Tuesday @ LCC Work 2015-09-08

Both LCC meetings Tuesday, plus Development Authority 10AM, Chamber members to be Heard 3:30PM, and Board of Elections 4:30PM, before the Commission votes 5:30 PM.

Update 2015-09-08: LAKE did what the county staff didn’t: turned a mound of paper into electronic format and posted it. The added material is for the Shiloh Road Roundabout (county has to maintain lighting and landscaping) and the bids for the Bevel Creek and Coleman Road lift stations. Except there’s no bid from Xylem for replacing the Coleman Road pump. Did they not bid, or did the Clerk’s office not supply that bid? (Also updated links to other meetings in first line of this post.)

Parcel 0259 034 The Lowndes County Commission will consider a church rezoning on Mullins Road that’s so close to a county water line near the Lake Alapaha development on the Alapaha River that the County staff felt they had to warn the applicant. Bid awards for the utilities extension to Lowndes Middle School is on the agenda as South Perimeter Road Utility Extension, and it appears staff may have outsourced this million-dollar decision to Lovell Engineering. Utilities also wants $38,930.50 for Bevel Creek and $35,144.20 for Coleman Road for new Wilo lift station pumps. Their one-paragraph writeups sound like a good deal with substantial savings, but they reference multiple quotes which were not included. Where are those quotes? (They were on paper; see above.)

The county staff also wants wants a roundabout for Shiloh Road! Next they’ll be wanting speed humps on county roads they’ve made unsafe by paving (don’t hold your breath).

Here’s what LAKE got online for the commission packet and the Lowndes County Commission agenda. See also the LAKE videos of the preceding Planning Commission meeting.

327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor

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Brad Lofton’s Selective Memory

I see by yesterday’s VDT story about the Lowndes County Board of Education (LCBOE) meeting that Brad Lofton, executive directory of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA), is reported as saying:
The people … that are opposing the plant … have yet to agree to sit down and talk with the authority directly about the plant.
He said somehing similar at the 29 Sep 2010 meeting of the Valdosta Board of Education (VBOE). Except then he at least admitted that I had gotten the VLCIA presentation. Yet even then he forgot about the other people in this picture of that 10 June 2010 meeting at the VLCIA offices:

Pictured: Natasha Fast, Angela Manning, Allan Ricketts (Project Manager), Geraldine Fairell, Ken Klanicki, Brad Lofton (Executive Director)

Even earlier, Dr. Brad Bergstrom and Seth Gunning got a presentation from the VLCIA.

I pointed all this out a month ago, after the VBOE incident.

Why does Brad Lofton, a public employee, keep standing up before elected bodies and saying something that is not true?


Phyllis Stallworth: “I am gravely concerned and disappointed”

I received this on 7 Oct for posting.


Valdosta is an innovative city with expanding opportunities for our growing community. Valdosta has recently celebrated 150 years of progress. As a citizen, I have spent most of my adult life experiencing this progress. I’ve seen economic developments through recruitment, retention and expansions that benefit our city, with tremendous support from our communities. I’ve seen job opportunities that improve the livelihood of our citizens, through the recruitment of national companies who have established their businesses in our great city.

Our school systems are innovative, and they serve as models for other school systems in our state, with great parental involvement and encouragement toward improvements. Our University and College systems are some of the best in the state, with phenomenal enrollment and retention of traditional and non-traditional students in our city and abroad.

Our religious establishments are growing from leaps and bounds with more and more people becoming citizens of our great city, who are leaving larger unsafe, polluted, and unproductive cities, for a safer, less polluted and productive small town lifestyle, such as our wonderful city provides.

The development of small businesses, through our downtown projects, have been a great success story for our city. The innovative improvements make our city one of the most visited in our state. We pride ourselves as a Titletown community, through continuous progress over 150 years.

When I contemplate our shared 150 years of progress, I find it disturbing that our Industrial Authority would make such a bad decision as to bring a Biomass incinerator into our community. As an advocate for the welfare of children, women, and families I am gravely concerned and disappointed that such a project has been endorsed by leaders who were elected to carry out the wishes of the community for the betterment of all citizens.

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Excuse me? Nobody but me had gotten a biomass presentation from VLCIA?

An open letter to Brad Lofton and Allan Ricketts,

Watching a video of your speeches to the Valdosta Board of Education (VBOE), I was astonished to see Brad Lofton say nobody in the room but me had sat down and gotten a presentation from VLCIA!

Brad Bergstrom has already reminded you that Bergstrom and Seth Gunning sat down with VLCIA months ago. I hope you weren’t failing to count Dr. Bergstrom because he wasn’t physically in the same room at the time you made that astonishing assertion.

And what about these people?

More here.

Sitting directly in front of Lofton in those pictures of that June 10th meeting in the VLCIA offices is Pastor Angela Manning.

I see later in the same video Allan Ricketts contradicts Brad Lofton by referring to that very meeting that I organized on June 10th. Yet one of Ricketts or Lofton (I can’t see which) at the very end of the video claims VLCIA answered every one of Pastor Manning’s concerns.

As I already pointed out directly to Brad Lofton before the VBOE meeting, listening to the VLCIA persuaded Pastor Manning to oppose the biomass plant, organizing a town hall at which numerous people spoke about the biomass plant, mostly against. In case there is any doubt as to Pastor Manning’s position on the biomass plant, she has since spelled it out in a letter directly to Brad Lofton:

“I stand with the NAACP, the SCLC, the American Lung Association, and any other group fighting against the bio mass plant.”

In my above message to Lofton, (sent, once again before the VBOE meeting) I listed four unanswered concerns from the June 10 meeting at VLCIA. He responded by ignoring half of them and inadequately answering two of them. When I pointed this out to him, he failed to answer any of them and asked for assistance in recruiting jobs. When I offered such assistance his whole response was:

“We’re moving forward with permits in hand. Have a nice day.”

All the messages cited in the preceding paragraph were exchanged before the VBOE meeting. Yet Lofton and Ricketts stood up before the VBOE and asserted all concerns had been answered. Is that how someone acts who is seriously trying to answer concerns of the community?

I do not appreciate Brad Lofton and Allan Ricketts using my name to support the misinformation they conveyed in their speeches to the Valdosta Board of Education.

When I first heard about this proposed biomass plant, I thought it was green energy. Attempts to obtain objective information about plant emissions and fuel sources for all the similar nearby plants, together with repeated presentations such as this from Brad Lofton and Allan Ricketts, have persuaded me and others to oppose the proposed biomass incinerator.

John S. Quarterman

Videos of pro and con biomass speakers at VBOE

Karen Noll took these videos at the 29 September 2010 meeting of the Valdosta Board of Education (VBOE). Much more about that meeting here.


Dr. Gretchen Bielmyer speaking against the biomass plant.
Dr. Brad Bergstrom speaking against the biomass plant.
Brad Lofton and Allan Ricketts speaking for the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA) and the biomass plant.

Michael Noll: “enough is enough”

Here is a followup to the VDT story in the previous post.


Dear Lowndes County Commissioners.

My sincere thanks for letting me present my concerns at yesterday’s meeting. It is very much appreciated.

Please understand that what I presented is based on facts. I have worked for ten years at VSU as an educator, and my students and colleagues know me as a straightforward person. I may ruffle some feathers at times, but I clearly was brought up in a no-nonsense household.

If Mr. Lofton would not continue to ignore our concerns (as he again did at the BOE meeting), to misrepresent organizations such as the Sierra Club (an organization I happen to support), or to keep bringing up names of those who endorse the biomass plant (yet conveniently overlooks a conflict of interest), I  probably would have never brought this up. However, during these past couple weeks, and particularly with his behavior at the BOE meeting, Mr. Lofton has added insult to injury, and enough is enough.

To substantiate the comments I made yesterday,

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Biomass Rezoning Minutes, County Commission, 9 June 2009

In the message from Prof. Manning, he says
I did address the county commission on this topic over a year ago – in a public forum at a scheduled meeting.
He provided no date nor link, but since this is the only Commission meeting minutes for which I can find his name, I’m guessing this is the one he meant. I’ve quoted here the relevant item, and I’ve added paragraph breaks to it to make finding individual speakers’ names easier. See also the VDT writeup. I would like to ask people, especially academics, who want to cite sources to actually cite them, not allude to them by some vague description.


Regular Session
Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Chairman Ashley Paulk
Vice Chairperson Joyce E. Evans
Commissioner Richard C. Lee
Commissioner G. Robert Carter
Chairman Paulk called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


REZ-2009-05 Wiregrass Power, LLC, 2637 Old Statenville Hwy, 0164 025. 22.1 ac., E-A to I-S,

County Planner, Jason Davenport, presented the item, stating that both the Planning Commission and TRC recommended approval with conditions.

Chairman Paulk asked those in attendance to be patient with the Commission as the item was considered, since it was an issue that many in attendance may want to speak.

Dr. Michael Noll, 2305 Glynndale Drive, spoke against the request and presented the Commission with a list of questions prepared by himself, Dr. Brad Bergstrom and Mr. Seth Gunning.

Mr. Fred Deloach III, 1411 New Statenville Highway, addressed the Commission requesting that tires and coal be added to the list of prohibited fuel items.

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