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Videos: votes on decisions already made, and paving Black Road, Naylor? @ LCC Regular 2015-09-08

They meet again today. Here are videos of when they voted last, after apparently already deciding before the meeting how they would vote, plus one citizen spoke for several in the audience who want their road paved (Black Road near Naylor), even though the Chairman said “we kind of minimize that dialog”. County Manager Joe Pritchard again reminded of the Annual 9/11 Memorial Service to be held 10AM Friday at Historic Courthouse,

Indeed they did not vote on the Roundabout Support. There was a bit of discussion on the water main to Lowndes Middle School to fend off suspected Valdosta annexation. Everything else they breezed through as fast as they could move, second, and unanimously vote, including the church rezoning and the two lift station pumps, on Bevel Creek and Coleman Road.

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