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LAKE: Partial Commission Packet 2015-09-08 [Up]

In response to an open records request by Gretchen, the County Clerk's office provided [Future Development Map] the packet materials via email for the one rezoning item, REZ-2015-15 and one of the three Utility Dept. agenda items. This is good and an improvement over previous responses.

However, the Clerk did not provide anything via email for other two Utility Department items nor for the Engineering item. Those were provided only on paper, despite the copiers in the county offices having a PDF key that can scan and turn into electronic form. LAKE will see about scanning and posting that pile of paper, since the Clerk did not.

Here we have included at least the agenda item sheets for the rest of the agenda items, marked as * in the list of PDFs below.

We'll also do what the county staff didn't: turn the mound of paper into electronic format and post that.

Update 2015-09-08: OK, that's added, to the items marked above and below with *, which are the Shiloh Road Roundabout and the bids for the Bevel Creek and Coleman Road lift stations. Except there's no bid from Xylem for replacing the Coleman Road pump. Did they not bid, or did the Clerk's office not supply that bid?

See also Work and Regular Sessions both Tuesday @ LCC Work 2015-09-08.


Open Records Request

5.a. REZ-2015-15 Grant, 6309 Mullins Ln

6.a. South Perimeter Road Utility Extension

6.b. Indication of Roundabout Support for Shiloh Road

6.c. Bevel Creek Lift Station Pump

Xylem for Bevel Creek Repair *

Xylem for Bevel Creek Replacement *

6.d. Coleman Road Lift Station Pump

Xylem for Coleman Road Repair *