Brief agenda at unusual time and day @ VLCIA 2015-09-08

The only named existing industry project is Smith Drug, which according to the VDT, showed up here in 2009.

Tuesday 8 Sep 2015 at 10AM (no reason given for the odd date and time), the Development Authority is preparing for the Chamber Economic Summit 2015-010-08 and various other events, plus the usual reports. Here’s the agenda.

Valdosta-Lowndes Development Authority
Tuesday, September 8, 2015 11:00 a.m.
Development Authority Conference Room/103 Roosevelt Drive
Monthly Meeting Agenda

General Business

  • Call to Order
  • Invocation
  • Welcome Guests


  • Regular Meeting, August 18, 2015


  • Review Compiled Balance Sheet and Income Statements for August, 2015

Community Relations/Marketing Update —Meghan Duke

  • 2015 Business Plan Update

Existing Industry —Stan Crance

  • Existing Industry Visits
  • Existing Industry/Expansion Projects
    • Smith Drug

Executive Director’s Report —Andrea Schruijer

  • Competitive Analysis Study Update
  • Chamber of Commerce Economic Summit
  • Upcoming Events

Attorney Report

Citizens to Be Heard

Adjourn General Meeting Into Executive Session

Adjourn Executive Session into General Meeting

Adjourn General Meeting

Mission of the Valdosta Lowndes Development Authority
“Create an environment to attract new industry and promote the growth of existing industry to drive job creation and capital investment.”