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Bemiss and Guest Rd. VA-2016-03, VA-2016-04, VA-2016-05 @ GLPC 2016-02-29

The letters from “Gusto Development LLC” have an email address of kim@hutton.build, confirming that it’s really The Hutton Company Tax Parcels Aerial doing this work for Bassford Properties LLC; the same Hutton Company that recently did work on Wal-Marts in Chattanooga, TN and Athens, GA.

Received today at 4:17 PM EST, which was before the GLPC meeting started. However, as I told the City Clerk when she also called on the telephone, I was planting potatoes at that time. I recommended to her, as I did earlier that same day to the County Planner, that the agenda packet items go online so neither city nor county staff nor citizens have to go through this rigamarole just to see what Commissioners are looking at. The actual Planning Commission meeting was quite brief; they recommended everything; LAKE videos to come. Meanwhile, see the LAKE videos of the previous week’s Work Session.

The materials she sent are on the LAKE website. Continue reading

Packet items for REZ-2016-03-06, CAC, Skipper Bridge Road @ GLPC 2016-02-29

Thanks to Lowndes County Planner Jason Davenport’s expeditious response to my open records request with the packet materials for REZ-2016-03-06, for tonight’s Planning Commission meetin, we now know this proposed CAC rezoning is at the NW corner of Skipper Bridge Road and Stafford Wright Road, about one acre of the 113.88 acre parcel 0106 232 owned by JEV Duck Pond LLC, in the watershed of Cherry Creek, which flows to the Withlacoochee River. Perhaps not coincidentally, the county recently approved plans to pave Stafford Wright Road. The County Planner mentioned that in the agenda sheet summary that county road classifications (local rural, minor collector, etc.) are stated in the Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan. Back in 2009 when that plan was last updated, the County Engineer said it “…works as a guide for development and potential use changes in property.”


SUBJECT: Rezoning Case REZ—2016-06 Continue reading

Videos: Planning Meeting, Lowndes County Commission @ LCC 2016-02-04

Suing local businesses helps run up fees to the county attorney, says County Manager Joe Pritchard. He didn’t mention that continuing to promote sprawl for example through the county’s thoroughfare plan also runs up fees that property taxes will never meet. Commissioners seemed very concerned about “stakeholders” whom they said were “the development community, the real estate community” and “the construction and homebuilder industries”. Maybe somewhere they mentioned the agricultural and forestry industries, or sales tax payers even if they don’t own real estate; if so I missed it. At least they’re thinking about the Comprehensive Plan and the general direction of the county in a public forum. And the County Planner did talk about quality of life. Plus it seems business prospects bringing that up got the attention of the County Manager. They said they have a responsiblity to set the direction of the county. How about instead of continuing to drive sprawl outwards, which is a fiscally (and environmentally) irresponsible path, turn to directing development to be more dense in already-developed areas? They continue this morning at 8:30 AM, and Gretchen is there again with the LAKE video camera.

Here’s the agenda followed by links to each LAKE video with a few notes. See also two previous pictures.

We are looking forward to the improved communication that was touted in the VDT headline. Jason Stewart, VDT, 4 February 2016, Slaughter wants to strengthen communication, Continue reading

Withlacoochee River Wastewater Treatment Plant packet materials @ GLPC 2015-11-30

The mysterious missing materials from Monday’s Planning Commission meeting are on the LAKE website now, thanks to Lowndes County Planner Jason Davenport, by electronic mail today, 3 December 2015.

He explained that this requested zoning, REZ-2015-20, was a followon to rezoning REZ-2010-15 from 2010 for the new Withlacoochee River Wastewater Treatment Plant, plus since then Valdosta had bought another adjoining parcel. The materials explain the current concerns about buffers, setbacks, roads, other uses, noise, lights, etc.; see the text pages. The County Planner said the packet for next week’s County Commission meetings will also include an agenda item cover sheet.

For all the other packet items from Monday’s GLPC meeting, see the previous post. See also the related variance VAR-2015-16 that was before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBOA) Tuesday.

Here’s the beginning of the overview from the GLPC materials:

The main reason for this request is the current conditional requirement of a bermed buffer along the norther boundary of the subject property. Right now if the previously approved conditions (Attached toward the end of the packet), approved site plan (Attached . . ,), and ULDC are combined it looks like what is currently required to be constructed is Continue reading

MAZ and Tillman Crossing Packet Updates @ GLPC Work 2015-11-23

Updates about Moody, Tillman Crossing, and the Withlacoochee River Wastewater Treatment Plant, Non-Conforming Lots, MAZ Map, 2015-11-03 (1 of 2: New Bethel Road) for tonight’s Planning Commission meeting, received after last week’s GLPC Work Session. I would post tonight’s GLPC agenda, but it’s not on the county’s website.

See the surprise addition in this update of REZ-2015-20 City of Valdosta WWTP, about which details were not included: “The proposed site plan is the same one that was presented to you with your paperwork last night.” So if you’re not a Planning Commissioner, you don’t get to see what the City of Valdosta is proposing for its new Withlacoochee River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Another item is apparently known by several names: Continue reading

Updated Packet for Moody Activitiy Zones (MAZ) @ GLPC Work 2015-11-23

Details of massive revisions to the proposal for changes to the Moody Activity Zoning Districts, sent by County Planner Jason Davenport to the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC) and the Lowndes County Commissioners on 11 November 2015, in advance of the GLPC’s 23 November 2015 Work Session and 30 November 2015 Regular Session. He copied LAKE due to an open records request from Gretchen Quarterman. The whole thing is on the LAKE website.

Especially interesting are two slides apparently intended to finally the question on everyone’s mind of which developers are these changes for?

Why are we here?

  • To improve the MAZ Regulations
  • 2012 Rezoning Case & Text Amendment
  • County Leadership (Direction)(lnitial Goal June 2015)
  • County Planner (Implementation and Support)
  • Response to Continue reading

Videos: Moody MAZ text amendments to ULDC back again @ LCC 2015-10-26

After the County Commission Work Session shown in these LAKE videos, the Planning Commission met Monday evening, and this evening (Tuesday 5:30PM) the County Commission votes, but will table the ULDC amendments.

In addition to all the other items on the agenda and mentioned in the previous post, they went into an Executive Session about Pending Litigation. Who are they suing now? Or who’s still suing them about for example James Road?

Here are links to the LAKE videos of yesterday morning’s meeting, followed by a video playlist.

Moody MAZ text amendments to ULDC back again @ LCC Regular 2015-10-26

The Planning Commission meets Monday evening to consider those ULDC amendments, MAZ-ULDC-text-amendments-001 so county staff will recommend to the County Commission at their Monday 8:30 AM Work Session that they table the MAZ text changes at their Regular Session Tuesday 5:30 PM evening. Meanwhile, the Air Force wants to maintain the road rights of way for Davidson Road and along Grassy Pond. And the Land Bank Authority wants to appoint some more members, acording to “the attached resolution” which of course we the taxpayers aren’t allowed to see without an open records request.

Elected Probate Judge McDowell can appoint a part-time associate judge, but she needs the county commission to approve funding the salary. The DA wants to continue a Victims of Crime Act Victims Service grant.

Annual renewal of health care service provider and Section 125 Plan Document.

Two more Lift Station (sewage) pumps, at Val-Tech new for $20,076.42 and at Whitewater repairs for $13,353.65.

Finally, bids for Disaster Related Debris Removal Proposals required by FEMA, plus the usual beer, wine, and liquor licenses.

All that in Continue reading

Family Dollar on Roger Budd property near Francis Lake in Lake Park? @ GLPC 2014-07-28

Opposition started arising to Roger Budd’s request to rezone to put another Family Dollar near Francis Lake in Lake Park, at the 28 July 2014 Planning Commission meeting, which voted 5 to 2 with one abstention to recommend a compromise solution.

6. REZ-2014-14 Roger Budd Jr

Video. County Planner Jason Davenport said he had received no indications of any opposition. And one GLPC member asked the developer’s presenter whether residents of Francis Lake had been notified.

Yet J.D. Carroll spoke against, Continue reading

Videos: Nottinghill tabled, Barrington, Whitewater, New Statenville + VLD * 2 + Dasher + Hahira variance @ GLPC 2013-09-30

In last month’s Planning Commission meeting we learned that developers get agenda items in PDF; yet the county still doesn’t publish agendas or minutes, much less agenda packets, online. Nottinghill (on Orr rather than Cat Creek Road this time) was tabled. Norwood (on Springhill Drive in Valdosta) got recommended denial by 5-4 and was later withdrawn, plus a a Hahira variance (5 to 3 against), a Valdosta conditional use permit (unanimously recommended), a Dasher zoning text amendment (unanimously recommended), and three other rezonings in Lowndes County, on New Statenville Highway, Whitewater Road @ Williams Road, and Barrington Drive @ Bemiss Road.

Here’s the agenda, with links to the videos and a few notes.

Greater Lowndes Planning Commission

Lowndes County City of Valdosta City of Dasher City of Hahira City of Lake Park



Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue

Monday, September 30, 2013* 5:30 P.M. * Public Hearing

Continue reading