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Draft Proposed Lowndes County Land Development Code changes 2023-06-13

Here are the draft changes to the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) that Jason Davenport presented to the Lowndes County Commission in its Work Session of Monday, June 12, 2023.

[Ten amendments, timeline, and primary staff]
Ten amendments, timeline, and primary staff

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Review, review, and review —Rattlin’ Georgia’s Cages

Received yesterday from the blogger of Rattlin’ Georgia’s Cages on Joe Pritchard notified of euthanasia violation March 2011. (Red text is that blogger’s comments.) -jsq
One thing I’ve learned in reviewing a-n-y document that the Ga. Ag. Animal Protection Divison prepares, is to do just that – review, review and review.

In regards to “missing cc’s”, there isn’t a law or Ga. Ag Animal Protection “Rule” that covers “missing cc’s” or even “missing euth poison”.

The code that the Ag inspector cited for a violation is 40-40-13.-08 (11) which reads:
(11) Euthanasia records shall be kept on forms approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the State Board of Pharmacy and shall be signed by the person performing euthanasia and the witness.
Source: Ga. Animal Protection Rules

Did the shelter staff have their records/euth poison logged on the proper form – but just missing that particular’s day/date?

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