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Four board appointments, animal tethering, bus, trash, homeland security, mutual aid, and housing @ LCC 2016-03-21

Work Session 8:30 AM this morning, and Tuesday evening finally voting on the Animal Services Ordinance including tethering, and (who knew about this?) appointing Christina Bennett to the Animal Control Board.

Renewing the annual Section 5311 Rural Transportation Program Capital Contract for the MIDS bus service is on the agenda, as is appointing three people to the Valdosta Lowndes County Metropolitan Planning Organization (VLMPO) out of these four: Ronald Skrine, Tammy Greenway, Floyd Rose, Bob Wilburs. As usual, how were people supposed to know? And where are the applications of those named? Continue reading

Defibrilators from Homeland Security @ LCC 2014-04-07

The KLVB presentation told us up to three states dump in the Pecan Row Landfill in Lowndes County, for which the county gets some unspecified amount of tipping fees, which go to fund KLVB. An appointment to KLVB was added to the agenda, although nobody deigned to reveal who was “that individual that has requested to serve on that board”. The Homeland Security grant application turned out to be for defibrillators.

Here’s the agenda, with a few annotations and links to the videos.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street — 2nd Floor
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Mutual Aid at Lowndes County Commission 2012 02 27,28

The Lowndes County Commission will consider
6.c. Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement
at its work session Monday morning and will vote at its regular session Tuesday evening. This is about emergency response calls, such as for the fire in Remerton, when Remerton called Lowndes County, which called Valdosta, which sent fire trucks to Remerton. Why the indirect time-consuming call while a fire doubles in size every minute? Remerton didn’t have a mutual aid agreement with Valdosta, but did with Lowndes County.

This is the same Commission that went on for 11 minutes in the 21 February 2011 work session about a Homeland Security grant for an emergency vehicle, worring that the county might have to pay to maintain it and might have to share it with other municipalities. And then rejected it the next day, if I recall correctly. What will they think of this mutual aid agreement?

Here’s the agenda.


WORK SESSION, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2012, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor
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Private prisons unaccountable —ACLU

Found on the ACLU blog of rights.

Azadeh Shahshahani wrote for the AJC 11 June 2009, Private prisons for immigrants lack accountability, oversight

On March 11, a 39-year-old man held in detention at the Stewart Detention Center, a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in southwest Georgia, died at a hospital in Columbus.
That’s in Lumpkin, west of Americus, south of Columbus.
To this day, the immediate cause of Roberto Martinez Medina’s death remains unclear (a press release pronounced the cause of death as “apparent natural causes”).

Last month, Leonard Odom, 37, died at the Wheeler County Correctional Facility in south-central Georgia.

That’s in Alamo, GA, between Macon, Tifton, and Savannah.
Both facilities are operated by Corrections Corp. of America, which has a contract with the Department of Homeland Security to operate the Stewart center and one with the Georgia Department of Corrections to operate the one in Wheeler County.
So, what happened? Continue reading

DHS grant for emergency vehicle, LCC work session, 21 Feb 2011

Here’s video of the explanation by county staff the proposed DHS grant application for an emergency vehicle. It includes questions and statements from commissioners, and goes on for almost 11 minutes. This was at the work session of 21 Feb 2011.

The sound would be better if the county used their own equipment, which is already purchased and in place in that same room, to record their own sessions and make them available over the web.

Here is the LAKE video. Maybe somebody would like to make a transcription.

Work session, Lowndes County Commission, 21 February 2011.
Video by John S. Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.

Video of this topic at the regular session of the next day will follow. This is one of the grants Ken Klanicki referred to in his LTE in the VDT the other day about a steep learning curve.