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Sunshine for local government

We’ve got a little list, a spreadsheet as a list,
please don’t take this as a diss, we think they have been missed….

Unlike Ko-Ko’s in the Mikado, this list is of things previously missed that are slowly being found (or created), so local governments can tell the citizens what fine things they’ve been up to, and so citizens can decide what they need to deal with and what topics they can provide input on. Here’s the LAKE sunshine list for local government.

The Lowndes County Commission just got some additions, with its new website, by posting videos of its own meetings, and by posting agendas and minutes for the Planning Commission.

The Valdosta City Council does pretty well, with its website, its agendas and minutes, and the agendas and summaries and minutes for ZBOA. Valdosta does not (yet) video and post its own meetings, but it does have what appears to be a complete list of its ordinances with links to their text. Dasher also has its ordinances online.

Meanwhile the Lowndes County Commission has only Continue reading

Housing, paving, appointments, solar, packets, wells, pipeline, and trash! @ Town Hall Meeting 2014-12-15

Very respectable turnout and impressive interaction at the first-ever Town Hall by an individual Lowndes County Commissioner: Demarcus Marshall, Super District 4, 15 December 2014. See and read his State of District 4 address. You can read his summary of issues and concerns, and you can watch citizens express those concerns in the LAKE video playlist: Continue reading

Lowndes County’s own videos @ LCC 2014-12-09

Paige Dukes told us about this Monday, but why steal her thunder about the county’s new website and the videos on it?

Joe Adgie, VDT, 17 December 2014, Lowndes County website goes live,

County residents can pay bills, read county ordinances, search for real estate and read meeting agendas on the new site.

In addition, a first for the county government, videos of the Lowndes County Commission meetings are also available through the site and on YouTube.

“Due to schedules, Continue reading

New loco web site

300x162 Just one more step., in New Lowndes County Website, by Gretchen Quarterman, 12 December 2014 As announced at the Lowndes County Commission meeting on Tuesday, the new county website was available this morning. I took a little self tour and then started sending in comments to County Clerk Paige Dukes. Paige has been responsive in answering my questions and comments and I heartily suggest to everyone that you take a look around and then send in your comments.

A few things I’ve noticed so far. Continue reading

Videos: Lost Maps, New Vice, Lake Park R-P, Lowndes County C-G, Valdosta R-M @ GLPC 2014-11-24

Complete agenda? Maps? Election process? Calendar? But few people were there to notice these things missing.

At the Work Session we had all maps and things to show you, but between then and now the digital copies have vanished off of both laptops. And we are sort of at a loss as to where they went but they’re gone. So if you’ll use the maps that are in your packet and perhaps some memory from the Work Session discussion….

That’s right, staff lost the digital copies of an agenda item, CU-2014-11 Normal Life of Georgia. Board packets on the county’s website would serve as a backup for copies on planners’ laptops.

Gretchen, who was there, reports further below, including a note about that charming young white man recently appointed to the Planning Commission. -jsq

At a brief and poorly attended GLPC meeting, Continue reading

Videos: fire chief, teachers, web site, and chairs @ Hahira 2014-05-15

They talked about a new website; is it up yet? Nope, according to http://www.hahira.ga.us/cityofficials.html Wayne Bullard is still Mayor, Rose Adams is still on the Council, and new Council members Kenneth Davis and Mason Barfield are nowhere to be seen. However, former Council member Bruce Cain has vanished, even though he’s the actual Mayor per last November’s election. Here are some videos from the May 15th special called meeting of the Hahira City Council where they talk about that proposed new website.

Here’s a video playlist:

Videos: fire chief, teachers, web site, and chairs
Special Called Meeting, Hahira City Council (Hahira),
Video by John S. Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Hahira, Lowndes County, Georgia, 15 May 2014.


Effingham County YouTubes its Commission meetings

A county half the size of Lowndes videos its own Commission meetings and puts them on YouTube. When will mighty Lowndes County do what smaller Effingham County already does? We already knew Effingham County puts its board packets online. When will Lowndes do that?

On the Effingham County website front page there’s a link under the picture of the Commissioners to Effingham County YouTube Channel. The most recent meeting on there, for 1 April 2014, lasted for three hours and 38 minutes. Real discussion in a Commission meeting!


Lee County has its agenda packets online

Lee County has 28,575 people; Lowndes has 111,885 (July 2011). Yet tiny Lee does what mighty Lowndes doesn’t: it puts its agenda packets online. I’d bet it doesn’t even waste county resources putting them into a fancy printed binder. When will Lowndes County move into the 21st century?


Videos: SPLOST VII Resolution, child proclamation, and appointment @ LCC 2013-09-10

They voted to put the SPLOST VII Resolution on the ballot in November, “to reimpose the tax”, with not even a hint of those town halls that never happened. They reappointed Mac McCall to ZBOA. The Proclamation was for a boy who called 911 to help an old neighbor who was trapped under a refrigerator (nope, not for South Georgia Pride). And we learned that nobody has to fear arrest or threat and everybody can speak their mind in the Commission chambers; nevermind recent history to the contrary.

Here’s the agenda, with links to the videos and a few notes. See also videos of the previous morning’s Work Session.

327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor
Continue reading

Visible Option 3 for sewer for middle school @ LCC 2013-09-10

In a surprise move, Commissioner Crawford Powell insisted on showing the audience what the Commission was voting on regarding extending sewer service for the Lowndes County Board of Education, at the Lowndes County Commission Regular Session 10 September 2013.

8.b. Sewer Service Requested for Lowndes County Board of Education

Utilities Manager Mike Allen said LCBOE wants sewer service for Lake Park Elementary to help out their failing septic tank; he recommended Option 3.

Commissioner Crawford Powell asked for Option 3 to be displayed or read. IT Director Aaron Kostyu noted that if there was a copy it could be projected. Allen moseyed over to the table by the podium with a copy, pictured here, with transcript below.

Option 3) Direct county attorney to draft two documents: Continue reading