Topics and Highlights @ Town Hall Meeting 2014-12-15

There were overwhelming complaints about Advance Disposal Sanitation customer service.” Many other issues and concerns are listed in this text published by Demarcus Marshall (PDF) of feedback received and and LAKE videos of the Town Hall Meeting 5 December 2014. -jsq

Lowndes County Board of Commissioners
Commissioner Demarcus Marshall
Super District 4
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Super District 4 and Concerned Citizens,

300x388 Thanks to those who came, in Topic and Highlights @ Town Hall Meeting, by Demarcus Marshall, 15 December 2014 I want to thank those who came to my Town Hall Meeting on December 15, 2014. It was a pleasure to hear from you. Your presence made the event a success and I look forward to another one in the near future. I have listed the “Topics and Highlights” addressed at the Town Hall Meeting below for your review. As well, I have released my State of the District Address for the public. It is my sincere hope that you will remain actively involved in our local community. In the meantime, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year!


[signed] Demarcus A. Marshall
Dr. Demarcus Marshall
County Commissioner
Super District 4
Lowndes County, Georgia

Super District 4 Town Hall Meeting

“Topics and Highlights”


Inquiry about non-income based housing in Lowndes County, Georgia

Paving roads list

Authorities and Board appointments (diversity)

Ideas and Suggestions

300x388 Concerns, Ideas and Suggestions, Requests, and Complaints, in Topic and Highlights @ Town Hall Meeting, by Demarcus Marshall, 15 December 2014 Ask the Association County Commissioners of Georgia to lobby for a power purchase agreement.

Public transportation around Lowndes County

Renewable energy technologies commitment

Copy of commissioner packets available for the public


Reactivate the Lowndes County Veterans Commission

Beaty road needs to be graded more often after rains.

There were several request to open recyclable centers and bulk item sites.

Board positions and recruitment to be accessible on the new county website

Beracady Road to be paved

Yellow lines in Mt. Zion Road needs to be restriped


300x388 ADS complaints, Compliments, Valdosta, and Georgia, in Topic and Highlights @ Town Hall Meeting, by Demarcus Marshall, 15 December 2014 Oak Drive @ Bemiss has bad water from a private well

North Forrest Street needs to be widened

North Forrest Street need sidewalks

Morning school traffic at Dewar Elementary (Forrest turning onto Mt. Zion).

There were overwhelming complaints about Advance Disposal Sanitation customer service. The complaints included special pick up timeframes, adopt-a-highway bags, recyclables, and trash cans turned over, garbage coming from trucks, pick up days, and rude telephone operators. As a result, Commissioner Marshall took a vote among those present to find out the opinion of reopening at least two bulk items waste sites, eliminating the exclusive franchise agreement with ADS, and possible cost increase to make accommodations for (2) waste sites and eliminating the exclusive contract with ADS. There was compelling support for re-opening at least two bulk item sites and eliminating the exclusive contract with ADS; however, some support dwindled a little in regards to an increase in sanitation fees to accommodate these changes to a proposed sanitation plan.


Addressing sanitation issue

Sabal Trail Pipeline Opposition

New County Website

City of Valdosta Issues

There is heavy congestion around the mall area.

It is difficult to transverse through the intersection of Northside @ Bemiss Road.

The city needs to video there meetings.

Lighted crosswalk for safety near VSU

Forrest Street has not been widened as promised years ago.

Forrest Street need sidewalks as promised years ago.

Morning school traffic at W.G Nunn Elementary

South Madison Highway @ Patterson street design and congestion

State of Georgia Issues

The Driving Department Services building is too small and limited timeframe for students.

Dignitaries and Special Guests Present

300x388 Dignitaries and Special Guests Present, in Topic and Highlights @ Town Hall Meeting, by Demarcus Marshall, 15 December 2014 State Representative Dexter Sharper

Chairman Bill Slaughter

Commissioner Joyce Evans

Commissioner Clay Griner

Commissioner-Elect Scottie Orenstein

Joe Pritchard

Page Dukes

Mayor John Gayle

Mayor Pro-Tem Alvin Payton

Councilman James Wright

Police Chief Brian Childress

Democratic Party Chairman Tom Hochschild

Pastor Dr. William C. Morgan

Valdosta State University SGA Executive Board

Johnny Ball III, Greater Lowndes Planning Commission Chairman

Jody Hall, Greater Lowndes Planning Commissioner

Lou McClendon, Greater Lowndes Planning Commissioner

Gretchen Quarterman, Valdosta-Lowndes Zoning Board of Appeals

Lee Henderson, 105.9