Sunshine for local government

We’ve got a little list, a spreadsheet as a list,
please don’t take this as a diss, we think they have been missed….

Unlike Ko-Ko’s in the Mikado, this list is of things previously missed that are slowly being found (or created), so local governments can tell the citizens what fine things they’ve been up to, and so citizens can decide what they need to deal with and what topics they can provide input on. Here’s the LAKE sunshine list for local government.

The Lowndes County Commission just got some additions, with its new website, by posting videos of its own meetings, and by posting agendas and minutes for the Planning Commission.

The Valdosta City Council does pretty well, with its website, its agendas and minutes, and the agendas and summaries and minutes for ZBOA. Valdosta does not (yet) video and post its own meetings, but it does have what appears to be a complete list of its ordinances with links to their text. Dasher also has its ordinances online.

Meanwhile the Lowndes County Commission has only a very brief list online and after four years of asking still doesn’t even know what all its own ordinances are.

Neither Lowndes nor Valdosta have a list of their resolutions online.

Both Lowndes and Valdosta have passed resolutions against the Sabal Trail pipeline, but neither have passed an ordinance yet.

Most of the local elected governments have their own websites, except Hahira, which still only has an old one that doesn’t even show the correct mayor or council members.

Obviously not all the 20+ appointed boards are on there yet; it’s a work in progress. Probably you’ll think of more organizations, or more items that have been missed. If so:

We may put ’em on the list, more can go right on the list,
If you think they have been missed; we think they have been missed!


PS: Apologies to Eric Idle and Gilbert and Sullivan.