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Effingham County YouTubes its Commission meetings

A county half the size of Lowndes videos its own Commission meetings and puts them on YouTube. When will mighty Lowndes County do what smaller Effingham County already does? We already knew Effingham County puts its board packets online. When will Lowndes do that?

On the Effingham County website front page there’s a link under the picture of the Commissioners to Effingham County YouTube Channel. The most recent meeting on there, for 1 April 2014, lasted for three hours and 38 minutes. Real discussion in a Commission meeting!


SPLOST VII @ SGLB 2012-11-20

SPLOST on the ballot again? --Willis Miller @SGLB 2012-11-20 At Tuesday’s South Georgia Library Board meeting. a board member (his nameplate said Willis Miller) wanted to know about SPLOST:

How we know it’s going to come up next November or at another time?

Good question.

Here’s video of the discussion as it resumed later in the meeting:

SPLOST VII discussion at Monthly Meeting, South Georgia Library Board (SGLB),
Video by George Boston Rhynes for K.V.C.I. and bostongbr on YouTube,
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 20 November 2012.

Kay Harris said there had to be a minimum of twelve months, so November 2013 would be the next possible time. She said County Commissioner Richard Raines had expressed full support for the new library, and she was talking to the other commissioners. She was asked whether the SPLOST lists would be the same, and said there might be some changes, but she hadn’t heard anyone suggest that the Five Points property might be deleted. That’s curious, because she quoted Valdosta Mayor Gayle in the VDT 7 November 2012 as saying:

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We have just had a very divisive issue —Ken Klanicki @ VCC 10 November 2011

Ken Klanicki expressed concerns about Sam Allen’s speech the previous day on the steps of City Hall. He had only read about it in the VDT, which of course has space limits. You can see and hear Sam Allen’s speech for yourself, thanks to George Rhynes. Ken Klanicki also wanted to know who approved the use of City Hall for that speech. Ken probably didn’t know from the VDT that Mayor Sonny Vickers was standing beside Sam Allen at the time, but you can see that for yourself.

Here’s the video of Ken Klanicki:

We have just had a very divisive issue —Ken Klanicki @ VCC 10 November 2011
bicycle, path, health care, health, sidewalk, grant,
Regular Session, Valdosta City Council (VCC),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 10 November 2011.
Videos by George Boston Rhynes for K.V.C.I., the bostongbr on YouTube.


VLCIA biomass website

VLCIA catches up with LAKE in posting videos of 6 Dec 2010 biomass event. But where’s the VLCIA FAQ website?

Update 24 Jan 2011 7:13 PM: Bruce J. Bendl found the FAQ.

In this video, Brad Lofton tells the VLCIA board that staff have put a lot of time and effort into building a website to answer frequently asked questions about biomass, including videos from the 6 Dec 2010 event. When I congratulated Lofton on this and asked the board for an answer to one of those qeustions, I didn’t think to ask for a URL for this new website, figuring it would be announced on the main VLCIA website. If it’s there, I don’t see it. However, VLCIA has sprouted a YouTube channel in which the long-awaited professional videos from the 6 Dec 2010 event have appeared, six weeks after the event.

Video of VLCIA 18 Jan 2010 board meeting
by John S. Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

More on that below. Meanwhile, LAKE’s videos of the entire event have been on YouTube since a few days after the event. Continue reading