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A Suwannee County Commissioner publishes agenda packets

Commissioner Ricky Gamble publishes the entire agenda packets even though the Suwannee County Commission does not.

Suwannee County itself publishes the basic agenda, such as the current one for 3 June 2014, and so does the Suwannee County Democrat.

That newspaper also for the agenda packet links to Commissioner Ricky Gamble’s website, which has a page with Commission agendas, including Continue reading

Tybee Island will not scan tourist license plates

Maybe Lowndes County could also welcome tourists instead of using them as a ticketing revenue stream that’s costing us $200,000 to process. And maybe both Lowndes County and Valdosta could put their agenda packets online like tiny (population 3,067) Tybee Island does.

Jim Galloway wrote for the AJC today, Your daily jolt: Tybee Island nixes license plate surveillance,

Tybee Island has decided that the National Security Agency isn’t a model worth following. On Monday, The coastal city’s council retracted its approval of a pair of license plate scanners intended to greet tourists. From the Savannah Morning News:
Citing mostly negative feedback from the public and concerns over how the information from the scanners would translate to a tourism study being conducted by a local professor, the council instead voted to purchase a higher quality model of the current hose-like vehicle counter the city has stretched over U.S. 80.

Meanwhile, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s office last year was Continue reading

Lee County has its agenda packets online

Lee County has 28,575 people; Lowndes has 111,885 (July 2011). Yet tiny Lee does what mighty Lowndes doesn’t: it puts its agenda packets online. I’d bet it doesn’t even waste county resources putting them into a fancy printed binder. When will Lowndes County move into the 21st century?