If Effingham County can do it, why not Lowndes?

A county half the size of Lowndes has all its Commission meeting documents online. Why doesn’t Lowndes? Is there something the Lowndes County Commission doesn’t want us to know? If not, why are they hiding the people’s business from the people?

contract change order library board bylaw applications to volunteer for board board responsibilities CPA agreement letter Contract change orders, library board bylaws, applications to volunteer for boards, board responsibilities, CPA agreement letters, invoices with itemized expenses, zoning amendment applications, deeds, invoice plats, cell phone tower applications with maps, and that solar farm application: the Effingham County Commission has all this and more in its meeting documents online along with its agendas and minutes. The format is kind of clunky: one big PDF for all the meeting documents. But it’s also easy for any competent County Clerk to assemble and post. itemized expenses zoning amendment application deed plat cell phone tower applications with map That way local citizens can get all this information without having to guess what they need to find out, file an open records request, wait at least three days (or years), see what excuse the county came up with for not answering or try to deduce what was left out, etc.

With meeting documents online, you can just go to the web and look. In Effingham County, with half the population of Lowndes County:

It seems a safe assumption that Lowndes County, with twice the population and presumably twice the resources of Effingham County could post its meeting documents. Why doesn’t it? To quote a VDT editorial of 3 March 2012:

When officials act like they have something to hide, they often do….

What is Lowndes County trying to hide?


2 thoughts on “If Effingham County can do it, why not Lowndes?

  1. Jane Osborn

    Amen ! In these days of easy online presence, the dark ages of hidden documents (for which one then has to pay if one wants a printed copy) should be behind us.

  2. Claudia Collier

    Hey John, thanks for this. Some of these links we haven’t even utilized. I will share this with the few other computer users on our Dem Committee. At the Commission meeting last night, they are talking about videoing the meetings to post online as well.

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