Put your money where your mouth is —Sam Allen

Sam Allen addressed a rally outside Valdosta City Hall Wednesday after Tuesday’s landslide 4 to 1 defeat of school consolidation. He promised the people who backed the consolidation referendum that there would be consequences if they ever tried it again without the cooperation of the community. He observed that since there was apparently a lot of disposable income around here (see the $300,000 CUEE raised to promote consolidation). He recommended that people put such money where their mouth is and contribute to the Lowndes County or Valdosta City school foundations. He concluded by complimenting CUEE on bringing CUEE together.
What you have been able to achieve, is that you have indeed brought a community together.
A community, black, white, Republicans, Democrats, no god, some god. You brought them all to the table. Not only did you bring them to the table, but you brought them to the polls.
Finally, he thanked all the volunteers who helped, and said
It’s nobody’s fault; it’s everybody’s responsibility to educate.
Celebration 5:30 PM on the 15th of November at the MLK monument.

George Rhynes took this video and remarked:

On behalf of the people Former Valdosta City School Superintendent and outstanding human being gave the following words on the Valdosta City Hall Grounds. We the people was pleased as he delivered our heart felt concerns as we have come to understand what took place during this consolidation process. I personally commend him along with every human being and pet that marched along the road to victory! G.B.R.

Here’s the video:

Put your money where your mouth is —Sam Allen
No school consolidation,
Vote No for Consolidation March, Friends of Valdosta City Schools (FVCS),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 9 November 2011.
Videos by George Boston Rhynes for K.V.C.I., the bostongbr on YouTube.


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  1. Michael Noll

    It appears poor coverage by the VDT of the FVCS press conference has led to attempts of character assassination. Just read today’s VDT, as well as rants that appeared earlier. Thus, let me quote a response to the VDT coverage of the press conference as published on the VDT website:
    “I am not sure what happened during the press conference, to give the article a spin that contradicts all I have seen and read these past couple of weeks in regard to FVCS, Dr. Sam Allen, or the Valdosta Daily Times. We all have our weak moments and say or write things differently than we anticipated, just as we interpret what’s being said or written differently, depending on our ability to read or listen. That’s called “being human”!
    The fact is, this community is exhausted from a long fight, and this was actually the second fight this year. Not too long ago “biomass” was dominating the headlines and “NO Biomass” yard signs and even a billboard decorated our cityscape.
    What matters in the context of the consolidation issue is this: our community rose up to the challenge, stood united, and showed CUEE and the Chamber of Commerce the door! However, that door will and must always remain open, because at the end of the day we have to sit together as a community and discuss matters such as the education of our children, poverty in our community, and the human right to breathe clean air.
    I am proud to be a citizen of a community that has shown how much we can achieve if we unite, and I am confident we can accomplish anything we set our eyes on … if only we work TOGETHER …” (“Fiscalresponsibility”)
    So let’s be clear on this: 79% voted against consolidation and Dr. Sam Allen did a fantastic job! Shame on those who can’t accept the election results, cherry-pick a poorly reported press conference, and pour oil on a fire when our community needs healing. Let’s stop this nonsense, so that we can work together, build on the successes of both school systems, and further improve the education of our children.

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