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Lowndes County Commission Trailer

Fade A movie trailer for your local government, the Lowndes County Commission! No, it didn’t win at the CAUSES 5 mini-film festival at VSU Saturday night, but you can, by speaking up at your local government (and state and federal).


Lowndes County Commission Trailer
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Submitted to the CAUSES 5 mini-film festival at VSU, 23 January 2016, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia.

School Consolidation Public Forum tonight: VHS PAC 7-8:30 PM

The first Public Forum presented by Valdosta City Schools on the subject of School Consolidation is tonight at Valdosta High School’s Performing Arts Center (PAC), 7PM to 8:30 PM. That’s after the Valdosta City Council meeting, so you can even go to both.

The Valdosta Board of Education voted last week to oppose school consolidation. Note plenty of FVCS people there, many speaking against consolidation. If there were CUEE people present, they were awful silent.

If “unification” is about education, where was CUEE at that meeting or at the Lowndes County Board of Education meeting the following day when LCBOE unanimously passed a resolution supporting VBOE in opposition to consolidation? Maybe CUEE will show up tonight and say something. Unless VDT is right, and CUEE can’t answer the relevant questions.


How to get public officials to respond to the citizens?

Leigh Touchton asked me,
Mr. Quarterman, what can we do, do we have to go to the state legislature to get a law passed to force these so-called public officials to answer questions and respond to the citizens?
First of all, my compliments to anyone such as Leigh Touchton who has been doing politics around here longer than me for asking my opinion, because that indicates they are pretty good at it and are probably asking many people their opinions.

My answer: carrots along with sticks, and shine some light! That all builds political capital, which will be needed for elections.

We need many people building a community doing many things. If I knew a simple answer that would change things magically overnight, I’d recommend it, but I don’t. I don’t even know if I know a long answer, but I’m pretty sure that any answer will require a community, because Continue reading

Urban growth boundary –Portland

Prof. Dorfman of UGA already explained to us that in Georgia
Local governments must ensure balanced growth, as sprawling residential growth is a certain ticket to fiscal ruin*
* Or at least big tax increases.
Here’s a place that does something about it: Portland, Oregon.

Thanks to Matthew Richard for pointing out this documentary.

As the documentary says, the key to Portland’s way is: Continue reading

Lowndes County Commission Meeting Tonight

The Lowndes County Commission meets tonight:
Lowndes County Administrative Complex
Commission Chambers – 2nd Floor
327 N. Ashley Street
Valdosta, GA 31601
Time: 5:30 p.m.
They represent the entire county (including the cities).

Their mission statement:

To provide an efficient, effective and responsive local government to all citizens of Lowndes County while maintaining the financial strength to meet any contingency
Anyone can stand up in the Citizens Wishing to Be Heard section of the agenda and say what’s on their mind. Say who you are, where you live, and be brief and polite.