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Videos: 3 Hahira rezonings + annexation, Valdosta PD + LDR @ GLPC 2016-05-31

Here are LAKE videos of the controversial Hahira rezonings and annexation at the Planning Commission May 31st 2016. The longest GLPC discussion was actually on the Valdosta sign ordinance changes.

County Manager Joe Pritchard acknowledged receipt of a letter from Hahira at the Lowndes County Commission Work Session 2016-05-23 and the next day the County Commission voted they had no objections. After nobody from the audience spoke for or against, the Planning Commission on 2016-05-31 recommended anexation, chaired by vice-chair Jody Hall of Hahira. Probably the Hahira City Council discussed this item at the Hahira City Council Work Session the same day as the County Commission Work Session, and proceeded with the annexation at the Hahira Regular Session of June 2nd, but the last Hahira minutes online are from February 2016.

Thanks to Hahira City Planner Matt Martin, packet materials Continue reading

Videos: Abandoned Voting @ LCC 2016-05-24

Record low attendance, not record but very short session time, even with a full agenda; at least you can see last month’s last Lowndes County Commission Regular Session in these LAKE videos. They meet again 8:30 AM this morning.

See also the LAKE videos of the May 23rd Work Session. In the May 24th Regular Session, there were still no questions yesterday from Commissioners about that $55,979.00 in two no-bid items.

Commissioner Demarcus Marshall did ask Continue reading

3 Hahira rezonings + annexation, valdosta PD + LDR @ GLPC 2016-05-31

The controversial Hahira rezonings and annexation are on the Planning Commission agenda tonight at 5:30 PM. Thanks to Hahira City Planner Matt Martin, packet materials for the Hahira items are on the LAKE website.

Here’s the agenda that was not available before the GLPC Work Session, but is online now before tonight’s 5:30 PM Regular Session.

Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
Lowndes County City of Valdosta City of Dasher City of Hahira City of Lake Park

Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 * 5:30 P.M. * Public Hearing

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Videos: Abandon Beaver Lane, Aging Development Appointments, Kinderlou Lift Station Pump @ LCC 2016-05-23

Will they take longer to vote this evening at 5:30 PM than the 8 1/2 minutes for yesterday morning’s Work Session with a full agenda?

No questions yesterday from Commissioners about that $55,979.00 in two no-bid items, although the County Manager did say “quotes” about the . lift station pump. The County Manager’s Report did say he’d received an annexation request from Hahira for the W. Main St. property and he indicated no grounds for the county to protest.

The only question from a Commissioner was about which one of them might be picked to serve with “Ms. Andrea Schuijer” on the South Regional Joint Development Authority. Answer: maybe Clay Griner. Nobody asked why the county’s web page on that Joint Authority says Andrea Schruijer is already on it. Is this a reappointment? And which slots are vacant? Also, what does this Joint Authority do?

For the Southern Georgia Area Agency on Aging, yes it’s Commissioner Joyce Evans for reappointment.

County Engineer Mike Fletcher said the Beaver Lane closing previously came up in 2002 and was denied, but now some of the opponents from then are for it. Tonight is not the public hearing: merely a determination on scheduling a public hearing. Continue reading

No agenda for Planning Commission Work Session @ GLPC 2016-05-23

On Lowndes County’s website there’s no agenda for tonight’s Planning Commission Work Session, Notice of Public Hearing Sign, thanks to Barbara Stratton even though the City of Valdosta’s calendar lists that Work Session for 5:30 PM Monday May 23rd 2016 at South Health District Administrative Office (former Lowndes County Administration Building), 325 W Savannah Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601. Presumably the Hahira rezonings and annexation will be discussed. And will County Manager Joe Pritchard say this morning at 8:30 AM at the Lowndes County Work Session that he has received an annexation letter from Hahira?

Neither of these Monday meetings are public hearings: the public can attend, but can not speak. See previous post for when the public hearings are.


Abandon Beaver Lane, Aging Development Appointments, Kinderlou Lift Station Pump @ LCC 2016-05-23

This morning’s 8:30 AM $45,600.00 for new grounds for four radio towers: was it in the budget, or is this another emergency no-bid item? Ditto the $10,379.00 for the Kinderlou Lift Station Pump? Each item names only one company quoting.

After abandoning Beaver Lane, will the county vote to fix it as a private road, 4689 Mt. Zion Road, parcel 0061 01 like they did with Carter Way? And from whom did the county receive the abandonment request? Will the County Manager’s Report include the Hahira W. Main St. annexation?

Also on the Lowndes County Commission agenda for discussion Monday morning and vote Tuesday evening, appointing “Ms. Andrea Schuijer and a Commissioner” to the Continue reading

Hahira rezoning and annexation, W. Park St @ GLPC 2016-05-31

Update 2016-04-23: Fixed date of Hahira City Council Work Session to May 31st per comment from Barbara Stratton.

Josh Thomason wants to combine three parcels and annex one of them into Hahira. Parcels 0026 026, 027 & part of 029 Some people are rightly concerned about whether Hahira’s sewer system can handle it. Apparently Hahira Mayor and Council have already discussed these three related cases, and they come up for two Planning Commission meetings and a Hahira vote in the next few weeks, plus the annexation goes past the Lowndes County Commission. Oh, and Valdosta is indirectly involved.

Barbara Stratton, facebook, 17 May 2016: Continue reading

Videos: Freedom Heights, Bemiss Road, Creekside West, GA 122 W @ GLPC 2016-04-25

A small subdivision on Bemiss Road, and a big one on GA 122 west of Hahira, in these LAKE videos of the 25 April 2016 Greater Lowndes Planning Commission Regular Session, interspersed with the agenda below, followed by a video playlist. The Lowndes County Commission discussed both cases yesterday at their Work Session, and will vote on them tonight.

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Videos: Chancy R6M, Stallings Road Cemetery, 4 County cases, one to E-A @ GLPC 2016-01-25

The Lowndes County cases are the ones the County Commission is reviewing this morning in their Work Session. GLPC recommended approval for all of them, with conditions on one, REZ-2016-03 Jacob Eckwahl on US 41 South.

See also the GLPC agenda and the LAKE videos of the 19 Jan 2016 GLPC Work Session. Below are the LAKE videos of the 25 Jan 2016 GLPC Regular Session, followed by a video playlist. Continue reading

Videos: Chancy R6M, Stallings Road Cemetery, 4 County cases, one to E-A @ GLPC 2016-01-19

Not on the agenda, they started with a public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan. Expecting from the email announcement about the Comprehensive Plan that this would be a typical SGRC tables-and-easels mill-about meeting, I didn’t show up on the dot and was quite surprised to find the Planning Commission and staff in their usual spots. See separate post.

Here are the LAKE videos with some notes, followed by a video playlist. Continue reading