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Public Facilities Autority, 2 rezonings, 2 GDOT agreements, Juvenile Justice, 3 road widenings, Hahira extraterritorial water @ LCC 2021-05-10

Almost eight million dollars, mostly for road projects, presumably approved by the Lowndes County Commission at their meeting yesterday.

[Union Station on Union Road, borrow pit off Lake Alapaha Blvd.]
Union Station on Union Road, borrow pit off Lake Alapaha Blvd.

Cost What
$4,931,029.15Old US 41 Widening Project
$1,669,478.88GDOT Standard Utility Agreement, Lake Park Bellville Road
$314,776.00Bid for a Loader for Public Works
$300,000.00Borrow Pit Agreement
$250,172.09Change Order For Old US 41 Widening Project
$172,637.00GDOT Standard Contract Agreement Exit 11
$165,427.00FY 2022 Juvenile Justice Incentive Grant Application
$58,673.47Turn Lane Project for Cat Creek Road and River Road
$13,000.00Bid for Annual Coffee Service for County Buildings

The Union Station rezoning on Union Road continues to have complications, this time Hahira Extraterritorial Extension of Water Service.

[Conceptual Layout for Union Station on Union Road]
Conceptual Layout for Union Station on Union Road

The water body in the aerial for the Borrow Pit Agreement is not the Alapaha River. Continue reading

Subdivisions, quit claim, fire tax district & draft pit, Chambers A/V, deannexation, resurfacing, soccer complex, shooting range shelter @ LCC 2021-04-21 2021-04-12

A couple weeks ago Lowndes County approved almost $3 million dollars in expenditures, including $110,147.78 for Commission Chambers Audio and Visual Upgrade, even though other counties and cities livestream their meetings using an iphone and facebook live.

[Rezoning, quit claim, audio-visual]
Rezoning, quit claim, audio-visual

Cost What
$1,811,758.00North Lowndes Soccer Complex Phase II
$429,634.23Resurfacing of Various County Roads
$304,252.00A New Shooting Range Shelter for the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office
$225,329.00A New 30,000 Gallon Draft Pit for Lowndes County Fire Rescue
$110,147.78Commission Chambers Audio and Visual Upgrade

The shooting range was actually not listed as BUDGET IMPACT, but it comes from SPLOST taxes, so I don’t know how it’s not part of the budget.

Not marked as costing anything was the rezoning for REZ-2021-04 Union Station on Union Road, “for a multi-family housing complex to be constructed,” even though that sprawl will cost in sending fire, sheriff, and school busses out there.

Also not counted was Acceptance of Infrastructure for Creekside West Phase 6 & 7 for which “All roads will remain private. Lots will be served by Lowndes County water and sewer.” So if a water or sewer line breaks, the county will have to pay to fix it. And see above about sprawl.

Here is the agenda. The entire board packet is on the LAKE website, received in response to a LAKE open records request.
http://www.l-a-k-e.org/govt/loco/2021-04-21–lcc-packet Continue reading