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Jason Carter to headline LCDP BBQ 1 July 2014

Candidate for Governor of Georgia Jason Carter headlines the program for the annual Lowndes County Democratric Party Barbecue Tuesday.

LCDP wrote yesterday, Georgia: Back on Track –LCDP BBQ 1 July 2014,

Other candidates speaking include Democrats Daniel Blackman for GA PSC, Valerie Wilson for State School Superintendent (runoff), Bikram Mohanty for Georgia State Senate District 8, Dexter Sharper for Georgia House District 177, and Demarcus Marshall for Lowndes County Commission District 4. Plus G. Norman Bennett and Clay Griner in the nonpartisan special election runoff for Lowndes County Commission District 5. All statewide and local candidates are still invited.
When:6 p.m., Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
Where:Mathis Municipal Auditorium
2300 North Ashley Street
Valdosta, Georgia


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ZBOA meets today (April 2) @ ZBOA 2013-04-02

The Lowndes Valdosta Zoning Board of Appeals meets today (Tuesday April 2) at 2:30pm in the Valdosta City Hall Annex Multi Purpose Room.

ZBOA Meeting

ZBOA Meeting

There are two Lowndes County cases in Lake Park.


2. VAR-2013-03 Roger Budd Jr. (1000 Lakes Blvd. Lake Park) Variance to ULDC Chapter 5.04.09 (E) as it pertains to the design standards for permanent off-site signs on State maintained road.

3. VAR2013-04 Ben Futch (5443 Danieli Drive North, Lake Park) Variance to ULDC Chapter 5.02.01 (D)(8) and 5.02.01 (D)(9) as they pertain to the minimum building setbacks and maximum floor area of an accessory structure.

and one city of Valdosta case.


4. APP-2013-01 Wesley Foundation (1601 N. Patterson St.) Variance to LDR Section 214-1 as it pertains to the minimum setbacks for the R-10 zoning district.

Full agenda available at : http://www.valdostacity.com/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=6106

ZBOA doesn’t often have observers so come and see your government working for you.


VLCIA gets around to updating its meeting schedule: after the meeting

Last week the Industrial Authority held a meeting on 14 June 2011 that it called its regularly scheduled meeting. Except the date for that meeting on VLCIA’s own web page said “June 21, 2011”. I checked just before going to last week’s meeting.

Today VLCIA’s Meeting Schedule web page now says:

June 14, 2011**
**Please note date change**
Well, some of us did note the date of the 14 June meeting because the VDT published that date. However, nobody said at that meeting whether there would be another meeting this week.

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