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Rotary Clubs need broadband @ VLCIA 2013-02-19

Bill Slaughter, Dennis Marks, John Page, Gretchen Quarterman @ Valdosta Rotary Club 2012-09-12

Before the Industrial Authority 19 February 2013 meeting, Gretchen told Bill about how she’s now videoing at Rotary and putting playlists on the web with some delay. Bill and Gretchen (and Commissioner John Page) go to the same Valdosta Rotary Club. This is yet another use of Internet access: attracting participants to local community groups, and getting their speakers to a wider audience.



T-SPLOST Lunch and Learn today at SGRC

There’s a Lunch and Learn about T-SPLOST at noon today at the SGRC offices:
327 W. Savannah Ave
Valdosta, GA 31601
Phone: (229)333-5277
FAX: (229)333-5312
Corey Hull says they’re almost full. However, the presentation is already on the SGRC web pages. The City of Valdosta will be videoing the event. Once Corey knows when it will be televised on the City’s TV channel, SGRC will advertise that. There’s also some unknown level of possibility that the videos may be made available on the web.


VLCIA gets around to updating its meeting schedule: after the meeting

Last week the Industrial Authority held a meeting on 14 June 2011 that it called its regularly scheduled meeting. Except the date for that meeting on VLCIA’s own web page said “June 21, 2011”. I checked just before going to last week’s meeting.

Today VLCIA’s Meeting Schedule web page now says:

June 14, 2011**
**Please note date change**
Well, some of us did note the date of the 14 June meeting because the VDT published that date. However, nobody said at that meeting whether there would be another meeting this week.

And we still don’t know Continue reading

Media to Attract Local Industry?

In addition to those previously blogged, some other projects are also mentioned in Sunday’s VDT article about the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority. Malynda Fulton’s writeup of the February Industrial Authority meeting mentions a couple more projects, Project Butter, and Project Loaves, both about baking, that don’t appear in either the January or April articles. This leads to the question: what are the current projects, and what is their status?

Apparently the media campaign discussed in the January article didn’t happen, since it’s not mentioned in either of the later articles.

The February writeup does brag about the Industrial Authority’s “newly-designed Web site”. Well, it’s fancy, all right. Continue reading