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Citizen dialog for transparent process

When somebody wants to rezone next to you, or pave your road, how do you know if you want it or not, and what can you do about it? When class sizes increase or test scores are mysterious, is it just your school and family or are others having questions too? Builders and developers and their associations talk to local governments all the time, so they already know. Ordinary citizens need the same kind of organization and access. LAKE aims to provide such transparency through citizen involvement and publishing information on the web and through the press.

More generally, how can the local county and city governments and the numerous local boards preserve and promote quality of life equally with growth and development?

LAKE helps find out what's going on and help make it visible. With this county-wide perspective, LAKE can assist in planning and strategy for the county as a whole.

Join us and help make Lowndes County and the region a better place to live, work and play!

For more information, contact information at l-a-k-e.org.

LAKE topics

LAKE provides information about topics that affect quality of life in Lowndes County, Georgia.

Where such information is available on local government websites, we encourage it.

Where it is not, we encourage the local governments to make it available, and we may possibly publish some of it ourselves.


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