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Political Candidate Coverage Policy

This blog covers topics of local interest, and that includes people running for office. If we see you campaigning in a public place or meeting, we may video you or interview you and post it. If you want to submit something to post, we’ll be happy to look at it: see our submissions policy. For political candidates we have a few additional policies:

  1. No personal attacks, not on other candidates, and not on anyone else. “Harry smells bad” or “Sally is ugly” won’t do.
  2. Policy criticisms are welcome, including criticisms of what a candidate said or did. “Harry said he would do X and then did Y instead” is fine: if you provide evidence that X and Y actually happened.
  3. This is a blog of opinion, and LAKE and LAKE bloggers and commenters retain the right to criticise, compliment, ridicule, praise, or otherwise express opinions about candidates and their policies, although as usual we prefer opinions that are backed up by evidence.
  4. You can return the favor, but we take care to stick to issues, policies, and actions, and if you choose to respond with personal attacks they’ll probably never get beyond the comments.
  5. LAKE is a volunteer operation, and this blog consists of items that interest us, so we make no guarantee of equal coverage. If you think we missed something, send it to us (see submissions policy) and we will consider it.
  6. LAKE isn’t usually in the business of endorsing candidates, but we may if we feel like it.
  7. If you don’t like these policies, let us know (see submissions policy).

Thanks for your attention, and we welcome your submissions; see submissions policy.

If you like what we do, you can use the Donate button on the front of the blog.

Blog tinkering

You may have noticed LAKE has been tinkering with the LAKE blog, On the LAKE Front, for the last few days. Some of the changes are is visible, such as the addition of a Search box, and pages About the blog and the Submissions Policy. You probably also noticed the new blog owl picture at the top of the page.

Some changes you only see if you post a comment. We’ve tried several variations on comment posting to cut down on spam. You may say “what spam?” but that’s because we usually catch it before you see it. By spam we mean comments (often automated) pretending to be relevant to the blog item but really only there to promote some unrelated topic or to sell something. We hope the current settings will decrease the work involved in catching spam while keeping it easy to comment on recent postings.

LAKE welcomes feedback, in comments on the blog or facebook page, or by email to information@l-a-k-e.org. (Yes, the dashes are part of the address.)

We also welcome submissions for posting. See the blog Submissions Policy.

Many owls can see a lot.

Submissions Policy

LAKE welcomes submissions!

Submission Methods

Please send submissions for On the LAKE Front
the blog of LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange,
  • by email to lakesubmissions@gmail.com
    or to information@l-a-k-e.org (yes, the dashes are part of that address).
  • or as a comment on a recent LAKE blog post.
    LAKE may choose any comment to promote to a main post.
Feel free to comment on the LAKE facebook page, but we currently only promote blog comments to blog posts.

Submission Format

This is a blog posted in HTML on the web. Submissions should be plain text inline in the body of the email message or blog comment.

What Not to Submit

Our mail stacks are as big as your mail stacks, so help us out by sending us material close to ready to post.

No Word, please, unless it is an official government document.

No PDF unless it is an official government document or a published report.

Convert It

If you do send a non-text format, if at all possible also convert it to plain text and send us that, too. Always send a summary, plus what you think is interesting or important about the document.

You may use HTML markup to indicate emphasis, headers, images, videos, etc.

We like pictures and videos. Please put them on the web and send us links to them.

If you have pictures or videos you don’t know how to get on the web, please send us a note to information@l-a-k-e.org with a request to discuss.

There are no length limits on submissions, but we (and our readers) do get bored with wordiness and repetition.

Submission Content

Content relevant to Lowndes County, Georgia or the surrounding area is preferred.

We especially seek reports on government bodies and other meetings. There are five cities and the county government in Lowndes County, and two school systems plus at least twenty appointed boards, and of course similar organizations in the surrounding area. All of them are of interest. Go, take notes, take pictures, take videos, send us some!

Opinions are good; facts are better. This is a blog, so every post has opinions. But we try to back up opinions with evidence.

If you have documentation, please send a link to it online, or a citation for where to find it, or a description, or the name of someone or some organization that has it, or the document itself. If you send a non-text document, see Convert It. We’re all owls in this together.

Editorial Policy

LAKE reserves complete discretion to select, edit, and annotate submissions, and to delete blog or facebook comments that are spam or personal attacks, or for any other reason whatever.

Comments on the LAKE blog or facebook page are not necessarily endorsed by LAKE, even if we promote them to be main blog posts. Most blog posts by LAKE people are not necessarily endorsed by LAKE, either. Chronic readers will have noted that we don’t even agree among ourselves on a number of issues and often criticize each other. Remember, the purpose of LAKE is transparency and dialog. The only posts that are endorsed by LAKE as an organization are those few that say by someone “for LAKE”.

Remember LAKE’s motto:

Citizen dialog for transparent process
Comments and posts on this blog are part of that process.

We look forward to your comments and reports!

About On the LAKE Front

LAKE welcomes your submissions to its blog,
On the LAKE Front!

LAKE is the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange. Our motto:

Citizen dialog for transparent process

LAKE is just curious citizens; a small core group and a larger loosely connected group of associates. We are the media, and you can be, too!

See our submissions policy.