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If Wal-Mart fires for not following procedures…

George Rhynes asks if Wal-Mart can fire employees who disarmed an armed robber for not following procedures, why can’t the manager he says didn’t follow procedures when the manager fired him be fired in return? I wonder why Wal-Mart procedures and profit are more important than employee safety, well-being, or the drain on public resources to cover what Wal-Mart does not?

George Boston Rhynes wrote to Wal-Mart CEO and President Mike Duke and Board of Directors 20 February 2011, Wal-Mart Store 899 and 2615, Valdosta, Georgia and China Workers!

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Hazard mitigation public hearing 6PM today

Found on the Lowndes County government website:
Hazard Mitigation Public Hearing (10/17/2011)
6:00 P.M.
For more information please contact EMA Director, Ashley Tye, at 671-2790.
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Wal-Mart Workers Need Help Now From American Government Elected Officials! —George Rhynes

Received yesterday. -jsq
The following video shows Mr. Charles Judge!

“First off, you have to know what your job is.”
—Charles Judge
He was one of the several employees I supervised as Sporting Goods Department Manger at Wal-Mart Store #2615 in Valdosta, Georgia. On March 20, 2008, I was wrongfully terminated for “INABILITY TO PERFORM JOB” without training.

Video by George Boston Rhynes.

It has been 3 1/2 years since my wrongful termination and I have written Wal-Mart Stores Inc. thirty letters, thirteen videos, 34 pages of documented proof that I was never trained; nor entered into Wal-Mart Stores Inc. four week mandatory training program as other employees. Moreover, it should be a shame and disgrace that several former and current President Mike Duke has all ignored me as if I was a worker in the Republic of China or in some other third world nation!

Even more un-American is that Chairman David Glass along with his entire Wal-Mart Board of Directors has followed the local Wal-Mart Store Manager at Store #2615 in what is definitely unprofessional behavior along the lines of respecting workers rights. Wal-Mart Executives seem to believe that the American People (customers) have made Wal-Mart Stores Inc. a god beside God and answers to no one. More videos will follow from real workers and former assistant managers until you are as sure as I am that Americans need workers Rights in this NATION for all employees.

As elected officials (government officials) I do hope that you begin to look at workers rights and my wrongful termination without any recourse because I am in an “At Will to Work State”, Georgia. This means any worker can be fired for GOOD cause, BAD cause, or for no cause at all and like Wal-Mart. They are not required to provide a reason for you, your spouse, child or neighbor for why they wrongfully terminated you! http://walmartstore2615.blogspot.com

We are 100% sure that there is nothing Wal-Mart Executives or Board of Directors will or can do in my case or cases like mine. Therefore, as a Retired Military of the United Armed Forces that followed our “Code of Conduct” in the military need a code of conduct for (ALL) American Workers.

My wrongful termination has forced me to follow the same “CODE OF CONDUCT” that all United States Military Veterans had to follow. Therefore, if I could place my life on the line and face death for foreigners on foreign battlefields then surely I can stand up for my own family members and love ones.

Yes, I intend to fight as hard for myself, my own family and fellow American Workers here in the Home Land! God Bless both the righteous and the not so righteous. Peace, love and overstanding. We are not who we claim to be; but who we prove ourselves to be over a given period of time and after three and one-half years Wal-Mart EXECUTIVES has proven who they are to the American people and the world.

Retired United States Armed Forces Military Vietnam
A concerned citizens and brother of all humanity

How did Lowndes County approve a contract with VLCIA that could force raising taxes?

We’ve seen that the inter-governmental contract between Lowndes County and the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA) could force the county to raise taxes to pay for VLCIA’s debts. How did the county pass such a thing? Apparently in a rush, with little review.

Matt Flumerfelt wrote in the VDT 19 November 2008, County approves bond issue:

LOWNDES COUNTY — The Lowndes County Commission heard a presentation Tuesday evening from Glenn Thomson, Alston & Bird LLP regarding a bond issue the County has entered into for the purpose of providing needed funding for the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority.

After the presentation, a vote was taken accepting the issue and Lowndes County Commission Chairman Rod Casey, County Attorney Walter Elliott and County Clerk Paige Dukes adjourned to an adjoining chamber to complete the signing of the documents that will enable the Industrial Authority to negotiate for the acquisition of property pursuant to their mission of attracting manufacturing and other businesses to Lowndes County.

Bond Counsel, Glenn Thomson, stated, “Mr. Chairman and Commission, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and brag on your staff and consultants. Your staff put this transaction together very quickly. In fact, the underwriter’s counsel remarked that he had never encountered county employees and staff that had worked so diligently and that due to their preparedness and hard work, he was able to put his information together in near record time. Their performance and that of County Attorney, Walter Elliott, who worked tirelessly on this project as well, is a tremendous credit to those responsible for managing the business of the county.”

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