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Air Force lobbyists, appointments to four boards, renaming Val Tech Road @ LCC 2017-07-24

The agenda still says 8:30 AM Monday morning for the Work Session, and they have only half an hour left to change it and still comply with state law.

In case anybody has forgotten Moody AFB is by far the biggest employer in these parts, the county wants to hire for $36,000 a year a pair of lobbyists to the Air Force: Parker and Lucy Greene, “to provide consulting services on behalf of Lowndes County to enhance relationships with the Air Force and Department of Defence regarding Moody AFB.”

Parker and Lucy Greene

Kari L. Sands (R.I.P.), VDT, 22 June 2007, Parker Greene honored with award, Continue reading

Videos: sidewalk, KLVB, DFCS, SGCSB, LCLB appointments, prisoners, mosquitos, grants, contracts @ LCC 2016-06-14

In a very unusual move, they tabled trust deed or a well system that a developer wants because he does not want to have property annexed into the city of Valdosta. Valdosta services are across the street. The Chairman said he asked the Engineer who asked the developer first.

Citizens Lawrence and Helen Williams expressed concern about dogs and a gun at a neighbor’s house.

They unanimously approved everything else Continue reading

Videos: KLVB, DFCS, SGCSB, LCLB appointments, prisoners, mosquitos, grants, contracts, and a sidewalk bid @ LCC 2016-06-13

Sandra Tooley, Valdosta City Council District 2, was among the very few people present who did not have business on the agenda of the Lowndes County County Commission Work Session this Monday morning. They vote 5:30 PM Tuesday evening.

Below are LAKE videos of Monday morning’s Work Session, with a few notes, followed by a video playlist. Continue reading

KLVB, DFCS, SGCSB, LCLB appointments, prisoners, mosquitos, grants, contracts, and a sidewalk bid @ LCC 2016-06-13

Here’s the agenda for this morning’s 8:30 AM Work Session and tomorrow evening’s voting Regular Session: will the Lowndes County Commission spend more on mosquito testing than on renting prisoners from Valdosta State Prison? (Answer: no, $45,790 on mosquitos and $118,500 on three prisoner work details at $39,500 each: “The details are utilized in the maintenance of over 5,000 easements that require manual hand cutting.” Hm, if the county didn’t insist on 80-foot easements….

They’re also appointing people to four different boards. If you wanted to apply, how would you know to do so?

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016, 8:30 a.m.
REGULAR SESSION, TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016, 5:30 p.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor

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