Survey, petition, letters, speak against conmmercial development on GA 122 at Skipper Bridge Road

Update 2023-01-21: Packet: Dollar General rezoning again, VLDA appointment, 2 subdivision infrastructure, special assessment rate, DA VOCA, server blades @ LCC 2023-01-23.

If you do not think “commercial and shopping options in Lowndes County” should include a development foothold in an agricultural and forestry area, here are ways you can oppose it: a survey, a petition, letters, call your Commissioner, and speak in the Public Hearing.

[Trash bags across GA 122 from the rezoning notice sign]
Trash bags across GA 122 from the rezoning notice sign

Somebody identified only as “Joe w/ WG Research” is sending text messages with a survey that includes this question:

4. Would you be in favor of a new and architecturally enhanced Dollar General in North Lowndes County located on GA Hwy 122?

No doubt they want to hear from everybody. So please answer the survey and get friends and relatives who oppose that rezoning to answer it.

[Trash in the ditch next to the sign]
Trash in the ditch next to the sign

Please sign the petition against the rezoning:

[Notice of Public Hearing, REZ-2022-20, E-A to C-C, 2023-01-24]
Notice of Public Hearing, REZ-2022-20, E-A to C-C, 2023-01-24

Be ready so speak in the Public Hearing at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at the Lowndes County Judicial and Administrative Complex, Commission Chambers, 2nd Floor, 327 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia.

Before then, you can get letters (email or paper) to the Commissioners. All that you write will be visible to open records requests. If you only speak, the minutes will only record a sentence or two summary, not everything you said.

Ask them to reject the zoning, with whatever reasons you have. Economics and Comprehensive Plan may be the most persuasive, although personal anecdotes are great.

Do not demand: that just makes them mad.

Probably it goes without saying, do not threaten. That would make everybody look bad.

You can reach all the Lowndes County Commissioners through

Or follow the links to the individual Commissioners for their specific addresses.

If you want to send a letter on paper:
Lowndes County Commissioners
327 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia, 31601

Or to Lowndes County Commissioner [Their Name].

Their telephone numbers are in there, too. Best is if you both call them and send them a written letter.

Get your friends and relatives to call and write, as well.

Think of who your Commissioner listens to. Get that person to call them.

So keep those survey forms, petition signatures, letters, and phone calls going in, and be ready for January 24th.


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