Valdosta Wastewater presentation to Greenlaw, Save Our Suwannee, SRWMD, Hamilton Co., and WWALS 2015-03-17

Due to requests from Greenlaw in Atlanta and Save Our Suwannee in Florida, WWALS Watershed Coalition asked the City of Valdosta for a presentation on their wastewater situation. Valdosta presented less than two weeks later, and brought their entire hierarchy related to this issue, from the mayor on down. Plus Lowndes County, which isn’t even responsible for Valdosta’s wastewater, was represented by their Chairman and a Commissioner. Not all questions could be answered that quickly, but many were.

The slides are on the LAKE website and the videos are on the LAKE YouTube channel; see below. See also Valdosta’s Sanitary Sewer System Improvements web page.

At the meeting, clockwise from Tim Carroll (introducing), were:

  • Tim Carroll, Valdosta City Council District 5
  • John S. Quarterman (behind the camera), WWALS Watershed Coalition President
  • Sementha Matthews (under the camera), Valdosta Public Information Officer
  • Bill Slaughter, Lowndes County Commission Chairman
  • Scottie Orenstein, Lowndes County Commission District 2
  • Louie Goodin, Hamilton County Coordinator
  • Chris Mericle, WWALS Board Member
  • Deanna Mericle, WWALS member and Hamilton Co. FL resident
  • Emily Davenport, Valdosta Assistant Director of Utilities
  • Henry Hicks (presenting), Valdosta Utilities Director
  • John Gayle, Valdosta Mayor
  • Larry Hanson, Valdosta City Manager

On the phone:

  • Erich Marzolf, Suwannee River Water Management District, FL, Director, Division of Water Resources
  • Merrillee Jipson, Save Our Suwannee President
  • Hutton Brown, Greenlaw Attorney, Water Issues
Other interested parties:
  • Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, GreenLaw Executive Director
  • Steven Lumbert, Save Our Suwannee Board Member
  • Drew Bartlett, Florida Department of Environmental Protect,
  • Randy Harris, Suwannee County Administrator

Here are the individual videos, followed by a video playlist.

Here’s the video playlist:


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