Don’t Frack Georgia –sing along

Alton Paul Burns commented yesterday on Fracking south Georgia and north Florida?

Mr Emmet Carlisle wrote a song about fracking Florida “Don’t Frack Florida”. So in support of that movement I wrote another verse:

The battle is on in Bama & Georgia too
Spectra wants to run a pipeline through,
They could care less ’bout me or you,
And they lie to FERC more than they have too,

More Solar energy, Yeah that’s the thing
To everyone this message we bring,
We don’t need Spectra’s pipeline, That’s a fact!
And we don’t have to Frack!


So this would be the chorus for that verse:

Don’t Frack Georgia
Now it’s up to you
Don’t Frack Georgia
Or Georgia will frack you.

Here’s the video:


One thought on “Don’t Frack Georgia –sing along

  1. Emmett Carlisle

    Hey Folks. We have “Don’t Frack Florida” and Georgia. Last summer I played the Johnson City Folk Festival, and substituted the Volunteer State for Sunshine State and Nashville for Tallahassee. I guess we can do that for every State. “Don’t Frack Your State.” Peace.

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